Gholston Feels Spartans Defense Ready

For junior defensive end William Gholston bowl practice gave the Spartans a chance to brush up before heading off to Arizona. How has Gholston seen from TCU?

While some may feel junior defensive end William Gholston underperformed others could point to a young player still in the development stages. With extra practice time, Gholston feels Michigan State will be ready when they line up against TCU in the Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl.

"Fun, it was fun the whole time," Gholston said about the Spartans bowl practices. "I love bowl season. Just the game plan, get after it. We scrimmaged a lot more versus first offense and first defense though. That was fun. We got a chance to brush up on our skills.

Those skills will be needed when the Spartans highly ranked defense lines up against Horned Frogs quarterback Trevone Boykin.

"They've got a really elusive quarterback," said Gholston. "We've face a lot of quarterbacks like him, some who run more, some who throw more…so I guess all of them. Every quarterback we've played against has tried to scramble this season.

"I just know we've got to follow our game plan. I hate playing against the quarterbacks who run. I like the ones who sit in the pocket, but I'm just confident in our game plan. Whatever the coaches scheme up, I think we'll just execute."

Gholston knows the TCU offensive line will be a formable foe.

"They slide a lot, a lot of flash protection," explained Gholston. "So with those slides and our zone schemes you've got to really control your gap. You can't get out of place because if you get out of place with the quarterback in the run, it can be really hurtful to the scoreboard. So we've just got to control our gaps. Basically, just kind of like what we've been doing the whole season."

One thing the Spartans coaching staff hopes will help leading up to the game was allowing quarterbacks to be live during drills. Gholston wasn't alone with excitement when news spread.

"You don't understand," said Gholston. "The whole d-line room was drooling when they said quarterback live. I don't know how many times they really got to him. I think they got him on the ground a couple of times but the first day he said the quarterback's live we were just so excited.

"We blitz a lot so I know there's a lot of pressure (on the quarterback). They are making plays. At first they had to get used to it because they aren't used to going live in practice, so it was a game-time situation for them every time."

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