Harrell High on Spartans

Despite being a year away from having to make a decision T.J. Harrell has one school he is extremely high on. The Florida native talks about his interest in Michigan State.

With ties to the Michigan State program, T.J. Harrell (Tampa (Fla.) Catholic) has heard a lot of good things about the Spartans from one family member.

"I had family that played at Michigan State," said Harrell. "Jeremy Ware, who was drafted by the Raiders is always talking highly about Michigan State and telling me it's the right school for me. He also tells me I have to make the right choice for me, but he's been a big help."

With all Harrell has heard about the Spartans he's hoping to check things out for himself soon.

"Michigan State is a pretty cool school," said Harrell. "I'm working on visiting there right now and trying to get up there on the 18th. It's not for sure right now, but I'm working on it."

What has pushed the Spartans up to one of the top programs for Harrell?

"Having family that went to Michigan State has helped me know a lot more about the program," explained Harrell. "I also like the type of defense they run and how they run their offense as well.

"Coach (Harlon) Barnett is the coach recruiting me from Michigan State. He's the secondary coach and I know he was a hard hitting safety for them as well. He's always telling me that he'll tell it to me straight and is never going to hide anything. From the way he talks they have high interest in me and it's one of those situations that I could go in and take a spot as a true freshman."

While Harrell has talked plenty about playing on the defensive side of the ball he's also hearing some talk about offense.

"I've also talked with the running backs coach (Brad Salem) as well," said Harrell. "The coaches said it will be my choice but I told them wherever they need me, I'll play."

Where the Spartans stand among the offers from programs like UCLA, Florida and Georgia seems pretty clear to the 6-foot, 180-pound two-way standout.

"They would be in my Top Four schools," said Harrell. "When I take my visit I know that will move things up but they are in my Top Four."

Another thing that could work in the Spartans favor is a friendship with a member of the Spartans 2013 class.

"One reason I wanted to go up there on the 18th is they have a big basketball game that day," said Harrell. "Another reason is one of my best home boys; Devyn Salmon is going to be up there."

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