Kilgore Counting The Days

Coming off his official visit to Michigan State has Trey Kilgore counting down the days to signing day. spoke with Kilgore about his visit and more.

Official visitors this past weekend at Michigan State continue to talk about the bonds they've built and how some of the small things during the visit opened their eyes.

For Cincinnati (Ohio) St. Xavier wide receiver Trey Kilgore the visit gave him a look at his future.

"It was a great trip and I had a great time," said Kilgore. "It was great and just the team camaraderie was something different. I've never felt so close to people I've never met before in my life. The way this team really cares for each other and is always looking out for each other is great."

One of the many highlights for Kilgore came when he got to pick out a jersey.

"They told us to pick the jersey we wanted next year and I already knew the No. 7 was being worn by a freshman quarterback (Tyler O'Connor) and by Demetrious Cox on defense," explained Kilgore. "I knew I just wanted to keep a number with seven in it and picked No. 17. They said no one is wearing 17 and they've never had anyone really make 17 popular. So I figured I could be the first to do that and it sounds like a great challenge."

Throughout his stay Kilgore spent time with a familiar face.

"Monty Madaris was my host and we talked about his rough start last fall with the injuries," said Kilgore. "But after going up there a couple of times the coaches were always talking about how great of a player he is and how the injury held him back. Monty explained to me how redshirting is not a bad idea. I told him that where we're from no one makes redshirting seem bad."

While most pledges just enjoy sitting down with their future coaches and getting to feel more comfortable with each other, Kilgore had some specific questions he was looking to have answered.

"When I sat down with Coach (Mark) Dantonio he wanted to make sure I was comfortable with everything and that the trip was going well," said Kilgore. "He asked if I had any questions and we talked a little bit.

"One question I wanted the answer to was why they picked me as a receiver. Once they told me I knew there was no turning back and it left me speechless.

"Coach (Terrence) Samuel and Coach D talked about how they recruited me as a wide receiver and where they plan on me being. They said the fact I played quarterback was a great advantage because Keshawn Martin also played quarterback and how they could line him up at receiver and he could throw the ball. They didn't have a person like that last season and feel they can get back to that with me. I'm really excited about that."

With signing day only a couple of weeks away, Kilgore said plans are already underway for a big celebration.

"I can't wait for signing day," said Kilgore. "I'm about to change my twitter name and everything and it's going to be great. I'm real excited as my family is probable going to rent out a restaurant and have a big group there just celebrating. It's a great time and another step in life to the dreams I'm trying to accomplish."

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