Terry Ready To Get Started

Future Michigan State quarterback Damion Terry recaps his official visit with the Spartans.

The life of Damion Terry has seen the Erie (PA) Cathedral Prep quarterback go from unknown prospect to a Top Ten signal caller in less than a year. Winning a state championship was icing on the cake for the 6-foot-4, 210 pound Terry and this past weekend he got an up close look at his future home during his official visit to Michigan State.

"My official visit was great," said Terry. "I enjoyed every minute of talking with the coaches and going into the film room and touring everything. Getting the chance to just click with my future teammates and coming away feeling we've known each other all of our lives was great."

With high school friend and teammate Delton Williams also on his visit, the Western Pennsylvanian was already comfortable before anyone else arrived. However, Terry soon learned he was about to build some long term bonds.

"Me and Delton were the first ones to get there," said Terry. "Then Jay Harris came and we all just chilled in the hotel room together until others like Darian Hicks and Jon Reschke showed up and everyone started clicking. Then when the others started coming in it was weird how close we already are as a class and we can't wait to get up there and get started."

For Terry the rest of his stay proved he made the right decision and he can't wait until summer comes so he can make the move to East Lansing.

"Meeting all the player who are already there and hearing what they had to say was great," said Terry. "The basketball game was crazy and it was wild the whole time. Before the game I was sitting with Drake Harris and the student section was trying to get our attention. It was a great time and of course we got the win so that was even better.

"I didn't really want to leave as I loved my time there and was upset that I had to come home. But it was a great time to be with all my teammates and all the guys that are enrolled now."

While assigned a host, Terry got a chance to hang out with several members of the Spartans.

"My host was Aaron Burbridge and he's a real cool kid," said Terry. "He's a laid back kind of guy and one of the top receivers. It was cool as I always watched him on the field when I visited for games and when watching on television.

"I also got to chill with Demetrious Cox who is a Western PA guy and then one night I was with Riley Bullough and Tyler O'Connor."

As for his meetings with members of the coaching staff, Terry came away more informed about his future.

"I got a chance to hang out with Coach (Dave) Warner and watch film and learned about reading all the routes and what their formations are called. We also went to breakfast and just did normal stuff and our conversations were like the ones I would have with my dad.

"Coach (Mark) Dantonio likes to have guys come to his office for one-on-ones and my mom went with me. We went over everything and were able to ask him any questions we may have."

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