Michigan State Class of 2013 Crystal Ball

We take a quick look at the Michigan State recruiting class as National Signing Day approaches. Who will Spartan fans remember in the years to come? Here are our guesses as Mark Dantonio gets ready to sign his seventh class as head coach at Michigan State.

Michigan State head coach Mark Dantonio is about to sign his tenth recruiting class since becoming a college head coach. While many of those classes have not been wildly respected by critics, they have proven to have talent and allowed Dantonio to win enough to move from Cincinnati to Michigan State and take the Spartans to new modern day heights in the Big Ten.

While giving projections is not an exact science, we'll take our stab at looking at the prospects we feel Spartan fans will soon be cheering wildly for in the coming years.


Gerald Holmes

Because of the departure of Le'Veon Bell we have to project Holmes will be given the chance to enter camp and compete for reps early in his career. At 6-foot1, 200-pounds, Holmes has been told about his chances for early playing time and is excited for the opportunity.


Dennis Finley

We fully expect Finley to get some seasoning before being thrown into the fire. However, the future tackle will have to grow up quickly during his Spartans career as there will be an opening for him in the 2014 season to fight for a starting spot.


Damion Terry

Terry is everyone's easy pick because of his position. However, he has all the tools you look for in a high level player and could see his first chances of competing for playing time in 2014. We fully expect Terry to travel with the team during the 2013 season to get a feel for what is ahead.

Shane Jones

Another Jones who has a chance to make Spartan fans very happy in the near future as he's got the talent to play all three linebacker spots and the athletic ability to play at a high level.

Noah Jones

Pay no attention to his two-star non-ranking as Jones is a talent the Spartans coaching staff will know how to get the most out of. What was missing from the Spartans defense in 2012 was Jerel Worthy's quick first step that disrupted offensive line play. Jones has the same first step quickness.

Jon Reschke

Much like another highly ranked current Spartan (Max Bullough), Reschke has all the tools to play in the middle with smarts and toughness. He'll have some time to develop behind Bullough before being pressed into action.

Jalyn Powell

While Powell doesn't get a lot of talk, he's been tested and has a great skill set for the Spartans to work with.

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