Play Maker Needed At Quarterback

Mark Dantonio is wasting little time or concern about the health of his quarterbacks as he looks for a player to step up and grab what is in front of them. How have the Spartans quarterbacks performed so far in spring camp?

After some questioned if Andrew Maxwell was the right choice as starting quarterback late last season at Michigan State, many felt the senior to be was the only choice.

Now, with quarterbacks made live by Spartans head coach Mark Dantonio during spring drills, some wonder who will step forward and emerge as the leader for fall camp.

After only one practice it pads it sounds like Dantonio wants to see more before commenting too much.

"Again, first practice in pads," stressed the Spartans head coach. "We made our quarterbacks live the other day, so you got to see them do some different things. I thought they played pretty well in pass skell, as far as team situations. When there starts to be a breakdown, you gotta create. We'll measure that every day as we go. There was no big, earth-shattering news from Friday."

While Dantonio didn't show his hand, he did feel progress was seen on day one.

"It's the first day back, so you see progress," said Dantonio. "You see Tyler O'Connor stepping up, I think he made some plays this past week. He's a young player. Also, I thought Connor Cook and Andrew Maxwell, they did good things. They did some other things that need to be better as well. I think that's the nature of it."

After offensive struggles last season Dantonio is looking for a play maker to step forward by making the almost always protected players open game.

"You get a feel for who can make plays when they're being chased all over the field," said Dantonio. "They know they're going to get hit."

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