Cousins Working On Present And Future

Former Michigan State and current Washington Redskins quarterback Kirk Cousins returned to East Lansing working towards his career after football. Spartan Digest caught up with Cousins for more of what he's been doing.

Former Michigan State quarterback Kirk Cousins attended today's spring game as a color analyst for the Big Ten Network as he hopes it will lead to a future opportunity after football ends.

"I'm excited for this opportunity," Cousins said. "It's a little scary. It's kind of like being a rookie in the NFL or a redshirt in your first year at Michigan State.

"You don't quite know what to expect. You know you're not going to be as polished as you would like, but you got to start somewhere. I think where better to start then Michigan State?"

Cousins is off to a great start for his future as he just finished writing a book called Game Changer: Faith, Football and Finding your way. He mentioned that the book will be centered around his faith by using the different memories from his football experience from Michigan State.

"It's geared towards young people find their way, and find the right way," Cousin said. I just want to get it into the hands of as many young people as possible, to have a positive impact on them."

Before the book was brought up, Cousins was a little hesitant about the idea of writing a book but after writing the book he realizes that it's a way of getting back to the youth instead of just going to speak to different events for 15-minutes.

"I speak [to] so many places to youth groups and churches, that I found that it was frustrating for me to go speak for 15-minutes and then leave," Counsins said. "I was never able to give the kids a recourse and help them once I left.

"This book is exactly that. I can give to them when I leave when I meet people and it can be [for them] to read one chapter and talk. But there's 12 or 13 more chapters that they can go home and read.

Cousins mentioned that the book was about a year's worth of work to put it together and he will release it this summer, June 25.

"I'm very excited about releasing it this summer," Cousins said.

Once the summer ends Cousins will work towards his football career, as the Redskins will start training camp in July or August.

As of right now, Cousins is the backup quarterback to Robert Griffen III heading into camp but will have a chance to start the opener if his knee is not ready to participate.

"It's hard to say, obviously Robert wants to that opener," Counsins said." That's his mindset as he's going through his rehab.

"Knowing Robert, he's going to heal faster than your average person. I think the bigger question is how cautious you want to be with him?"

Cousins said that it's mostly about what the medical staff has to say about Griffin's knee before he goes suites up and plays.

"Whether he's 85 or 100 percent, I don't know what the decision is going to be," Cousins said. "What I do know is I need to be ready and I will be. I will benefit greatly from the reps I get from OTAs and mini camps this spring as well as training camp and preseason games this coming August.

Cousins said he does believe Griffin will heal quickly but didn't want to put the pressure on him as Adrian Peterson.

"It wouldn't surprise me," Cousins said. "The fact that he's been through an ACL injury before, I'm sure he knows exactly what he needs to be doing to get back to fun strength."

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