Allen A Spartan For The Right Reasons

Saturday's news that Brian Allen had given his pledge to Michigan State was not a major surprise to those who follow Spartans recruiting. While some may have given the Spartans the edge with older brother Jack already wearing the Green & White, younger brother knows there was more to his decision.

Adding FOX Sports NEXT three-star center Brian Allen to the list of committed Michigan State prospects was a foregone conclusion to many who follow Spartans recruiting.

In fact, Allen was ready to commit prior to his visit but wanted the experience and honor of telling Spartans head coach Mark Dantonio in person.

"I actually told Coach (Mark) Staten on Monday that I was coming up to the spring game to tell Coach D," said Allen. "But I wanted to tell him in person so we kept a little secret for awhile."

How did the Spartans head coach react with the news?

"After I told him yesterday he was real excited," said Allen. "As soon as he walked out of his office he was going around saying we have a Spartan. So it was pretty cool."

Another reason for Allen's ultimate decision to become a Spartan was a goal he's had since his older brother Jack signed with the Spartans.

"It's a cool thing to think about as I can come in and work hard to fulfill a dream to play next to my brother," said Allen. "It's always been a goal of mine and something I've thought about when committing to Michigan State."

While many had penciled Allen to be a Spartan early in the process, the 6-foot-2, 270-pound native of Hinsdale, Illinois made sure to turn over every stone before making his decision.

What was the difference between the Spartans and others?

"I would have to say the people," explained Allen. "I've been to close to 30 schools throughout the recruiting process and Michigan State has some pretty awesome facilities. The eye candy is cool, but it's the people and knowing that Coach D has a good heart and is in it for all the right reasons.

"I've been lucky enough to be there for some pretty good times like them playing in the Big Ten Championship Game and then last year in a down season where they still made a bowl game. Michigan State is a program that can handle the adversity well and it's not going to stop the program or hurt the program as it's going to keep coming back."

Another thing that helped the Spartans was Allen's ability to see his future position coach work up close.

"I've been there so many times and sat in on meetings with Coach Staten to take everything in," said Allen. I feel comfortable with him and the relationship we've built."

With his commitment out of the way, Allen knows it's his job to help bring in more top prospects to keep the Spartans at the top of the Big Ten.

"Now I've got to start getting in touch with guys who are thinking about being Spartans," said Allen. "I'm now taking that one by getting in contact with some of the guys. So I'll definitely be doing that and yesterday we got Enoch Smith, another Chicago guy. So now we've got to get some other guys from Illinois as my brother is one of I think two guys from the state."

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