Carter Looking For Spartans Offer

Brother Rice standout Chris Carter hopes Michigan State will extend a scholarship offer in the near future. We caught up with Carter at the 10th annual Midwest Football Exposure Camp on Saturday.

With two picks and five pass breakups, Brother Rice's junior defensive back Chris Carter excelled during 7-on-7 drills at the 10th annual Midwest Football Exposure Camp.

"I was on fire today, everything felt right when I broke on the ball," Carter said.

With a day like today, there's no wonder why he's drawing interest from schools like Ball State, Bowling Green, Purdue, Toledo, Central Michigan and Michigan State.

"Coach (Brad) Salem came down to talk to me from Michigan State," Carter said. "That was really big for me."

With a school like Michigan State being interested in Carter is like a dream come true for the young defensive back.

"I love Michigan State, that's a dream school," he said.

One reason why the Spartans are interested in Carter is from his junior season. As a starting junior safety, he led all safeties in tackles, 103, and was ranked fifth in the nation. He ended the season with one INT, one touchdown, five pass breakups and one fumble recovery. He also produced a sack for Brother Rice.

With all the success on the field, Carter's work ethic is what got him to this point. He was named a captain for Brother Rice for the upcoming season.

"At Brother Rice, you have to be a senior to be a captain so going into his senior year they made him a captain," Carter's father Melvin Carter said. "But they had told me years ago that he would be a captain because of his work ethic."

Brother Rice head coach Al Fracassa will be retiring after his 45 season. This past season his team celebrated his 416 victories and back-to-back state championships.

For Chris Carter to be named as a captain means something.

"That's huge for me because its coach Fracassa's last season," Carter said. "So you always want to go out big and that's always been a dream for me, coming in as a freshman.

"Since the fifth grade, I always wanted to go to Brother Rice. So now that I'm living out my dreams, I'm a captain for Brother Rice for coach Fracassa on his last season. Coming off two state championships is amazing."

From the pressure of being a new captain, Carter has still been the same smiling, humble man at heart. He's still working hard and it seems as though he's one of the players people look up to.

"Every parent, the coaches and teachers love him," Carter's father said. "They invited him to the junior high school to try and get kids to come to Rice.

He was one of the kids they chose to meet with the parents and kids that were coming in. So anybody at Rice will tell you what a great kid he is."

Since being named a captain, Carter's attitude has never changed. He's always smiling and in a good mood.

"You'll never not see him smile," Carter's dad said. "He's been that way with every neighbor we had, and I just teach that in my home; that respect.

"I've never had a problem with school or anything. They just love him. I've been blessed and he's happy because the coaches at Rice Love him."

Where he's at right now has many family members scratching their heads when he decided to put down the basketball for a football. Before middle school, Carter loved basketball and most family members thought he would be a basketball star. He won a championship with his pee wee team, but one day decided to go play football full-time.

"I can dunk, I want you to know that, but I just like football more because I've always been a real physical kid," Carter said. "So playing basketball I was always good at scoring, but I get on defense I lock a guy up. Then there are some games I just be like really aggressive.

"I want to take over everything. I think football is the sport for me."

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