Incoming Spartan: Shane Jones

Spartan signee Shane Jones talks about his final days at home and getting ready to report to Michigan State in our final update before he enrolls.

There is no mistaking the legacy Shane Jones is leaving behind at Cincinnati (Ohio) Moeller high school.

Jones, a four-star standout helped the Crusaders to a state championship and knows he'll remember his prep days with great fondness as he enters Michigan State later this month.

"I think I'll remember my teammates coming up to me and telling me about another offer I got," said Jones. "That was something I always heard as they would tell me what I got that day and ask what I was getting tomorrow.

"So I will always remember the memories that I shared with my teammates throughout the whole recruiting process.

"I'll also definitely remember the friendships I made and winning a state championship. Every kid that plays high school football has that dream of winning a state championship and being able to tell people he was on a state championship team.

"Being a leader on that team is one thing that will always be in my heart because knowing that I helped Moeller reach such a great goal is going to be with me all of my life."

Jones knows he's only days away from his reporting date and is counting down the days.

"I'm reporting on June 30-th," said Jones. "I'm at a point now where I'm counting down the days and finishing up high school. Moving on and taking the next step is pretty important to me and everyday means I'm getting closer."

One thing Jones has enjoyed since signing day is the lack of stress that came with the recruiting process.

"Life has been about the same," said Jones. "But I would say it's been a lot less stressful than the time building up to signing day and going through the whole recruiting process. So it's been a lot more off my shoulders now."

Jones knows the next few months will be full of adjustments with the biggest coming in the first few days after he reports.

"My biggest adjustment will definitely be just being around a new group of guys and getting accommodated to my surroundings and new teammates," said Jones. "Then catching up on all the things I will need to know for fall camp."

Spartan fans remember another former Moeller linebacker in Greg Jones from his days of wearing the Green & White. Is there any added pressure in following the same path as the former All-American?

"No I don't feel any added pressure," said Jones with a laugh. "I just need to go in and do what I know I can do and just be able to perform. That is what it all comes down to, being able to perform on the field."

As for what he'll miss at home, Jones was quick to fill in those things he'll be missing most.

"I'm going to miss my family and the cooking," said Jones. "Definitely the food as it will be a lot harder being on my own for the first time. So I'll miss my family and the cooking and when I come back I'm definitely going to ask my grandmother to barbecue and get me some Skyline."

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