Copeland Breaks Down Pledge Part II

We finish our conversation with Michigan State defensive back pledge Vayante Copeland as he talks about the reasons he committed to the Spartans.

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All Vayante Copeland had to do was watch a %%MATCH_8%% State game and he could see a player who has already traveled the path he's looking to take to East Lansing in about one year.

While R.J. Williamson was not able to be on campus, he did speak with Copeland to swap hometown stories.

"R.J. said he really wanted to be there but he was at one of his roommate's house over the weekend," explained Copeland. "He said his roommate's mother wanted them to stay for dinner and they did.

"I've known R.J. back from my freshman year when I had to guard him in a 7-on-7. He told me congratulations and how proud he was that I was another person doing big things from the %%MATCH_9%% Public Schools going to Michigan State. I've got his number now and when he gets back in the city he's going to come and watch me work out and get to know me a little better.

When Copeland returned home following his pledge, he found a welcoming family with his big news to be a Spartan.

"My mom felt I made the right decision even though she wasn't there," said Copeland. "She has talked on the phone with Coach Barnett and really likes him. My mom, little brother and sister and grandmother all feel I made the right decision."

Many feel Copeland's recruiting may not be over as other programs are keeping a watchful eye including Big Ten rival %%MATCH_6%%.

"I have to say I grew up liking %%MATCH_10%% State because of the players," said Copeland. "Guys like Ted Ginn J.R., Troy Smith, Bennie Wells and others. It was nice and I want to say thanks for Coach Meyer recruiting me. But I made my commitment for a reason. If I wanted to go to Ohio State maybe I would have waited. But I didn't really want to go to Ohio State. I wanted to go out of state so an offer from Ohio State wasn't all that important."

Having a chance to catch his breath, Copeland knows his pledge will remove a giant weight he's been feeling for weeks. And when programs call, Copeland knows what he's going to say.

"I do feel like I got a big weight off my shoulder," said Copeland. "I was starting to talk with college coaches a lot. Schools like %%MATCH_7%% would tell me they wanted me to come down to campus and my coaches were telling me I should go down there. So now I really feel stress free. I wasn't stressing out, but now I don't have to worry about much and can dedicate 100-percent to my season now and I'm not going to have schools telling me to come to their campus to visit. But now I'll just tell them I'm committed to Michigan State."

Another aspect of Copeland's visit was hanging out with some of his future teammates. How big of a role did hanging out with other players going through the same things he's gone through?

"It was big," said Copeland. "I've already been talking with those guys on Facebook. But it was kind of cool to get a chance to chill with guys like Chris (Frey & Durkin), Enoch (Smith) and Brian (Allen).

"I like those guys and I'm always texting them. While they were always telling me to come to Michigan State, they still said do what was best for me and I respect them for that. So I'm going to be keeping in touch with all of them especially Chris Durkin as I talk trash with him all the time."

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