Cage Talks Spartans

Michigan State target Daniel Cage gives the latest on his interest in Michigan State. Will the Spartans get a visit from one of their top targets?

The spring and early summer have not been one that allowed Ohio defensive tackle and Michigan State target Daniel Cage a chance to visit colleges.

With his father fighting health issues Cage has used the past couple of months to be at home giving his full support.

"Right now I'm just starting to get back into the recruiting process," explained Cage. "I took a break from it to support my dad and he's now starting to get better. So I'm starting to get into this recruiting process and right now we're talking with colleges we're going to visit."

One program Cage is hopeful he'll have a chance to visit is Michigan State.

"I think I'll be able to go up to Michigan State," said Cage. "The way my schedule is set up it's kind of messed up as I can only go to a certain amount of colleges. But Michigan State is one I hope to visit."

While it's been a while since Cage was last on campus the Spartans have been staying in contact.

"I talk with Coach Barnett all the time," said Cage. "He actually spoke with my dad and let him know he was in his prayers.

"I know whenever I need to talk I can call him and let him know what is going on. But I need to go up there and see the facilities for myself again."

When Cage last visited he saw plenty about the Spartans football facilities. However, on his next trip he'll be focused on the other things important to him.

"I just looked at the football facilities at camp," said Cage. "But they were going to show me several building and dorms and Michigan State is known for physical therapy and that is what I'm interested in majoring in. So I know it will be important for me to go up there and check it out."

While the Spartans have enjoyed great success in getting players from the Cincinnati (Ohio) area, Cage is not interested in hearing what led others from his home area to wear the Green & White.

"I won't base my interest off of what the guys from the area tell me about Michigan State," said Cage. "I know Michigan State has what I need educationally wise as they are really known for that and I want to go up and check it up."

Cage has plans to visit several other programs in the next few weeks including Louisville, Indiana, Ohio State, Georgia Tech and Florida.

Don't look for a decision by the defensive tackle any time soon as he fully plans to wait until the end of his high school season.

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