Big Ten Media Days Notebook (Day 1)

There was plenty to talk about at the first day of the Big Ten Media Days. The notebook features more quotes from Mark Dantonio and Max Bullough on a variety of topics.

Mark Dantonio quotes (Read the transcript from the main presser here


On defensive line depth

"I felt like we had good depth (last year). Obviously, wish William (Gholston) was back and Dion (Sims) and Le'Veon (Bell), but such is life and we wish them the best. I think we have some good players back. Shilique Calhoun I think has star potential. Marcus Rush is a guy that is (on award lists). Joel Heath, now it's the time for him to start playing. He's a very good athlete. Jamal Lyles has moved over there and Denzel Drone is set for a big season, I really feel. We have good depth on our defense as a whole. We have seven starters back but a lot of guys who played a lot of football for us and other guys that are extremely talented."

On the tight end/fullback spots

"Competition there. We lose Dion and we have got young players. Two redshirt freshman and a freshman coming in, Chmura. Gleichert, Paul Lang, might see Mike Dennis out there. We've got guys. We've got big guys. Key to tight end is not just catching the football but controlling the gap from the blocking perspective."

On the offense

"We can't change just for the sake of change."

On Michigan

"Every game is a big game, our guys have to understand that. They also have to understand that I've never said this is just another game. It's not. Nobody wants it to be. Nobody expects it to be. We will always point to that game and give it a little extra. As far as the things that we've been able to do, we'll keep pushing."

On Dave Warner as offensive coordinator, possible wrinkles with unknown OC

"We've got some wrinkles." "You have to look at who we are an the foundation. Who is standing behind center and what are we doing. Who are we. Who are our players."

Max Bullough

On schedule rotation

"It's a completely different schedule when you go from the past two years to this year. We don't get to play a few of the teams we have played great games with the past few seasons, but we also get to play some teams that we haven't played in a while. For me, it's exciting. I played all those Wisconsin games – I feel like I've played them 12 times the past few years. Now I get to play teams like Purdue and Illinois, so it's fun to play those teams and I've never really had much experience against them."

On Wisconsin and forming rivalry

"I think that's a newborn rivalry, I don't know if you necessarily call it a rivalry. It's definitely built up its legacy the past few seasons for a couple reasons. It's been close games and every time we play them it has meant something, whether it's to go to the Big Ten championship or in the Big Ten championship. Those games have been important."

Justin Williams not on campus yet

2013 defensive back signee Justin Williams (Treasure Coast, Fla.) is not on campus yet, as he is awaiting academic clearance. He is expected to be on campus for fall camp. I am pretty sure Williams has passed, but is in a waiting period while his transcripts are approved.

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