Burton brings "high energy" to Michigan State

The addition of a new defensive line coach is impacting the Spartans with his passion, as well as knowledge.

Michigan State's defensive coordinator Pat Narduzzi is known for being a high-energy coach, but he might have been surpassed by a recent addition to the coaching staff: defensive line coach Ron Burton.

It's something that senior linebacker Max Bullough observed first hand.

"He's energetic," Bullough said. "I think the only guy who is more energetic than Coach (Pat) Narduzzi is Coach Burton.

"He is always on top of it and excited to be there and ready to go. He is fun to be around and the defensive line has really taken to him and believe in what he is doing."

Bullough said from a technical standpoint, he hasn't seen much, but has heard from others how Burton is making an impact.

"The defensive line has said they have learned a lot in terms of hand movement and keeping their feet moving," Bullough said.

Going against the defensive lineman through spring ball gave Blake Treadwell a good look at the way things are changing with Burton – while stressing the energy he brings, too.

"You can hear him from the other sideline when we have scrimmages," Treadwell said. "He has a high motor and demands a lot from the defensive lineman. I could notice a big difference from the beginning of spring to the end of spring in how they were playing. They got a lot better."

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