Kicker Geiger to be thrown into competition

Dantonio says fall camp will consist of putting the freshman in pressure situations to see how he responds.

As seems to be the case with many positions entering fall camp, the kicker spot will be a competition for Michigan State. Redshirt freshman Kevin Cronin is listed as the starter, with fifth-year senior Kevin Muma as the backup.

The Spartans bring an additional option to the mix as fall camp opens with freshman Michael Geiger arriving.

"Mike Geiger's got to come in immediately and be thrown into the group," head coach Mark Dantonio said. "I don't think we can sit there and wait and say, ‘Is he going to be the guy?' He's gotta get a lot of reps and he's gotta kick in front of our football team. That will be his first pressure situation.

"The next thing he has got to be able to do is kick in situational things that determine the outcome of a scrimmage or the outcome of a situation. We're gonna try and put pressure on him and let him go head to head with (Kevin) Muma and (Kevin) Cronin and even Evan Fischer. But we have to put pressure on him."

With pressure being the obvious emphasis of the situation, which can be hard to create in practice, Dantonio said from what he as seen so far, Geiger appears to like that.

"Based on what I saw in camp, he was kicking off the ground, I think he sort of thrives on that (pressure), much like (former MSU punter) Aaron Bates did," Dantonio said. "Aaron Bates came as a freshman and played and Michael Geiger is an all-Ohio goalie and he's extremely explosive. He played defensive back. He's more than just a kicker.

"I think he's a very competitive person."

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