Dantonio on Twitter because of recruiting

Michigan State coach says Twitter is useful to communicate with recruits and that he doesn't pay attention to what people say to him on social media.

Michigan State head coach Mark Dantonio joined the world of Twitter in early February, which he said was done for specific reasons.

"I've really got on Twitter because of recruiting, so I can direct message people," Dantonio said. "It's a way of communicating with the recruit. Even then, it's sporadic at some times. It's always good. I guess I get my message out."

Beyond direct messages, though, Dantonio said he doesn't really pay attention to what is sent to him.

"I don't really read the messages that come to me," Dantonio said. "I mean, a direct message I do, but they've got to follow me and I've got to follow them and all that.

"So I don't have that many people that I do that with. There's a lot out there, so I very rarely go into that area and see what people are saying. There are some haters out there."

Dantonio said he hopes it doesn't reach a point where he has to tweet often, but he does know a little bit about it.

"I got a hashtag, yeah," Dantonio said. "I get a little hashtag going."

His daughters, however, might disagree. "They want to get it done quick," Dantonio said. "They say, ‘Give me that phone, Dad.' They see me and struggling and say, ‘Give me that phone, what do you want to say?'"

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