Dantonio glad MSU held redshirt on Cox

Redshirt freshman almost played last season, but now leads the way among young players in a deep Michigan State secondary.

One of the top players in the 2012 class for Michigan State was safety Demetrious Cox – and it was tough to keep him off the field last season.

"(Cox is a) great athlete," head coach Mark Dantonio said at Big Ten Media Days. "We probably would have played him last year in the fifth game, when R.J. (Williamson) went down with an ankle, but we just held off."

Still, Cox was active and was traveling to road games, unlike the majority of his classmates.

"He traveled to every game," Dantonio said. "He was on the defensive end of the field getting reps every practice until the last two weeks. But we managed to hold off and redshirt him, but now he's got four for four.

"Great athlete, strong, physical, got great ball skills. I think he's a very good learner. Should be a player for us."

The secondary as a whole, is a position of strength for the Spartans, as Darqueze Dennard spoke of at the media days.

Dantonio also touched on the depth the Spartans have, and the youth.

"(At safety), you've got Kurtis Drummond," Dantonio said. "You've got Demetrious Cox and you've got R.J. Williamson – in no particular order. I think Kurtis has played very well, so you've got those guys. … Arjen Colquhoun is also a guy that can play there. I think two of those guys, R.J. and Kurtis, have game experience so I think they will be guys that go in as deep guys. I think Cox is a guy that has got a lot of investment in him coaching for a year, on our end."

The trio of redshirt freshmen cornerbacks were also mentioned by Dantonio.

"I think Mark Meyers is going to be a great player," Robinson. "I think Ezra (Robinson), I think Jermaine Edmondson is going to be a very good player. You've got our freshman guys coming in there. … We've got depth back there."

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