First MSU visit "awesome" for Wezensky

Quarterback from Fort Wayne Bishop Luers has high praise following visit to East Lansing.

Noah Wezensky had been to Michigan State before for sports games and football camp, but he took his first visit as a football recruit to East Lansing on Sunday.

"It was awesome," he said. "(The highlight was) probably just talking to the coaches and hanging out with the quarterbacks. I was in one of their meetings, so I learned some new things and I talked to Andrew Maxwell a bit, so that was cool."

The sophomore quarterback at Fort Wayne Bishop Luers, who holds an offer from Akron, followed up the "mini-tour" he received following one of the MSU summer camps with a full tour.

"We went over to the stadium and the press boxes, the practice facility, the weight room," he said. "We pretty much saw everything in the football facilities … It was all super, super nice. I liked it all."

Wezensky and his mother, Jennifer Wezensky, took in a mini-church service, led by Coach Jim Bollman, when they arrived on campus. Both of them were pleased to be a part of that.

"I really liked it," Noah Wezensky said. "I was talking to Coach (Brad) Salem and he was saying one of the things they get is that it's more than just football for Michigan State. So, I really thought that was cool. I wasn't familiar with the coach who led it, but he did a great job. We're a Christian family, so that went well with us."

Wezensky added that his mother, who went to Michigan State, was "happy to go be there." The Spartans coaches also were happy to find out that she had graduated from MSU.

"They didn't actually realize I had gone there – or my sisters had, or my dad had," Jennifer Wezensky said. "So, they were pretty thrilled to hear that, actually. … I know Coach Dantonio didn't know because someone ended up telling him that and came up to Noah and said, ‘So, you're a lock then, right?'"

Noah Wezensky said he doesn't know about being a "lock", but that the atmosphere in East Lansing left him feeling like it would be a good destination.

"The biggest thing I took away was probably the atmosphere of all of it and the future with the possibility to play there," he said. "I really got a feel for the campus and the coaches and everything, so I can definitely imagine myself playing there in the future."

Wezensky will be back in East Lansing in November for the Spartans' game against Michigan. He also plans to go to games at Notre Dame, Bowling Green and Akron.

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