Impact: Jayru Campbell

With the commitment of Cass Tech's Campbell, what does it say about Curtis Blackwell on the job? What does it change about perception of MSU's recruiting?

The Spartans picked up their first 2015 commitment Wednesday, and it came in a big way as Cass Tech standout Jayru Campbell committed to Michigan State.

Realistically, Campbell is about as big a name as could drop this early for MSU. He might not be the highest-ranked player the Spartans have offered in the 2015 class, but the value of his commitment is big on a few different levels for Michigan State.

Firstly, it is an indication of the initial impact the hire of Curtis Blackwell. Campbell is a MaxEx kid, who has worked with Blackwell extensively. Blackwell's hire was big for many reasons, but especially to bring connections with kids like Campbell.

Then, Campbell is one of three outstanding players in the 2015 class at Cass Tech, joined by running back Mike Weber and lineman Joshua Alabi. Getting one of those three early can only help the Spartans chances with the other two.

After bringing in offensive lineman Dennis Finley in 2013 and having linebacker Deon Drake in 2014, Campbell brings three consecutive years with a Technician coming to East Lansing.

Perhaps the biggest thing Campbell's commitment provides for Michigan State is the ‘wow' factor. To take the Cass Tech quarterback, who has won two straight state titles, and bring him to East Lansing is a major change in perception.

Whether Campbell's offers to Alabama and Notre Dame were committable or not is thrown out the window because he committed to Michigan State without waiting to see what happened with those schools. He decided to call Michigan State his home in the future and didn't wait around for bigger offers or more options that could have come.

There is no doubt that on the field Campbell has a ways to go, but the levels on which the commitment is a home run for Michigan State are numerous.

From the hiring of Blackwell to the Cass Tech connection, Campbell's commitment is a perception changer and that is exactly what Michigan State needed early in the 2015 class.

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