Geiger talks about camp at MSU, kicker job

Freshman kicker has been solid early in camp, even as coaches seek to put him in high-pressure situations.

At Michigan State's media day, head coach Mark Dantonio said that Michael Geiger was leading the competition to be the starting placekicker.

It's early to tell, but Geiger has impressed Dantonio in the short amount of time he's been with the team.

"He's got me into the fire — trying to get me into realistic reps," Geiger said following Wednesday's practice. "Short number of reps each day because that's realistic to a game situation. I got to take advantage of each rep and make each one count"

Coming into the season as a freshman, Geiger was like any other — wide-eyed and not know what exactly to do on Day 1.

"I will say Day 1 was a little interesting," Geiger said. "Trying to look at what period is which — flying around. There's not always someone in your ear telling you where to go, but I think I've gotten great grasp on things.

"Trying to stay calm and I've felt prepared for each kick."

Since then, Geiger has stayed under control as he hasn't missed many attempts in team drills, but did miss a couple attempts Wednesday.

"Yeah, actually I started off a little shaky (Wednesday)," Geiger said. "I had a couple misses, but I bounced back and was able to make the kicks when it counted during the team drills.

"So, I had a solid day and I'm having a solid start to camp."

Having a solid camp can help the freshman out in the long run, but staying focused on what he has to do hasn't been a problem for him.

"For me, I just try to be as focused and as zoned in as possible," Geiger said about game type situations. "Always of the situation, where the ball is and that helps me block out any noise, anyone talking to me and really just kind of get into my centered zone.

"With the focus, I feel like while I'm in that focus mentality there's no pressure. I'm not aware if there's a camera there or a camera here."

While he has been with the team, Dantonio has put the kickers through drills where he can add pressure to them making a field goal.

"Here, coach (Dantonio) makes it a point that the whole team is watching," Geiger said about practice. "It shouldn't make a difference, but it's just a little added pressure to try and make it more game like."

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