Terry taking things "day by day"

Freshman quarterback having a lot thrown at him early, but welcomes whatever the season brings.

A lot of expectations have been placed on Michigan State freshman quarterback Damion Terry, who came to campus as a highly regarded recruit.

For now, he says he is taking everything day by day as he learns the playbook and the offense.

"A lot is (being thrown at me)," he said. "We are just seeing what sticks right now. It just takes time. You can't let it get to you. Coach (Brad) Salem always tells me everyday that you are going to struggle a little bit and there is a lot they are throwing at me.

"You just gotta not get down on yourself because it's normal and keep taking it day by day."

Thankfully for Terry, the other quarterbacks – including his camp roommate is Andrew Maxwell – are there to help him along.

"They are helping me a lot, especially Andrew, because I am rooming with him for fall camp," Terry said. "We ask each other questions every night and stuff, so he is a great mentor and he is telling me and teaching me and saying how his first week at camp, too, he just was like wow, this is crazy. Everything is going good, he is telling me just stay up and stay positive."

Terry said the biggest adjustments to the college game are mostly mental, from the plays to checks to reading defenses, but felt that Wednesday was his best practice to date. One of the main areas he felt he was improving in was recognizing defenses – even against defenses coordinated by Pat Narduzzi, whom Terry called a "mindfreak."

"(I'm) reading the defenses better while they are shifting," Terry said. "I know I had a touchdown against the first team in skeleton to (Matt) Macksood over Kurtis Drummond, so that was definitely a big confidence booster. Now I have to just keep going from here."

At MSU's Media Day, offensive coordinator Dave Warner said he can see Terry "swimming in knowledge" of the playbook, but the physical gifts he has give reason to be excited.

"He is just trying to figure it all out," Warner said, "but you can certainly see the talent there – both physically, with his feet as well as his upper body throwing the football. It's just going to be a process until he learns our offense and I think there are great things in front of him."

As for if he expects to be redshirted or to play right way, Terry said his focus remains on the day to day.

"I try not to think about that right now," Terry said. "I am just trying to learn this playbook so far and just keep the mental part and just stay positive. We will see toward the end of fall camp what they decide."

He added that he will be ready for whatever the coaches elect to do.

"Either way, if I redshirt, I will use it to the best of my abilities," Terry said. "Stay in the weight room, study the playbook. Even if I don't, I will stay prepared for whatever they want me for."

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