Dantonio wants better execution from offense

Coach says all three quarterbacks did good things in Saturday's first scrimmage, but also each had a mistake.

Michigan State held its first scrimmage of the fall camp Saturday and head coach Mark Dantonio said the offensive execution left something to be desired – especially from the quarterbacks.

"I think that all of our quarterbacks, all three of those guys played okay," Dantonio said. "However, they made one critical error each that led to a touchdown. You can't do that. Otherwise, they played pretty well."

Dantonio said that senior Andrew Maxwell did "okay" with making plays with his feet, but the quarterbacks still need work in that area.

"We did not make the quarterbacks live, so we try to do the best we can with that," Dantonio said. "We need to continue to force that issue (of making play with feet) with all of our guys. It remains to be seen as we get to gameday, but you gotta step up in the pocket, gotta do the things you have to do, got make plays when you have a chance to make them"

Dantonio said that unforced errors need to be corrected, especially when it means leaving points on the field.

"It's the unforced errors," he said. "Maybe that's the first scrimmage. We try and put a lot of thing in. There's a lot going on in everyone's head. When you jump offsides when it's 2nd-and-1, it's frustrating. When you're on the 1-yard line and you have a mishandled snap, frustrating. When your offense has a missed opportunity to get in and lose the football, so no points come up. That's what happened.

"If you take four plays out, which you can't, I think the offense did some good things, but you have to look at the whole picture."

Dantonio said that redshirt freshman Tyler O'Connor did some good things, but also needs to clean up the little mistakes.

"I think Tyler, again, he started the scrimmage very fast," Dantonio said. "He did very well the first part of the scrimmage, but then he had an error, a couple errors and a couple of the things that are still redshirt freshman type errors, whether it's play calling or taking control. He can make plays, he's got a strong arm, he's got good running ability down the field, so there are a lot of positives."

The Spartans will have another closed scrimmage this Saturday.

The defense won the first scrimmage 28-22.

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