Practice Notebook (August 12)

Talking redshirts, facial hair, long-standing relationships between coaches and who is really the fastest player on the Michigan State team.

The weather wasn't great Monday in East Lansing, but Michigan State put in a good practice in the morning.

**It appears highly touted recruit Damion Terry is headed for a redshirt this season. When talking about quarterbacks in the scrimmage, head coach Mark Dantonio spoke about "three" quarterbacks: "I think that all of our quarterbacks, all three of those guys played okay.

There was a lot of buzz in his recruitment that Terry could step in and play right away, but he did talk last week about learning the playbook still. Day by day was a common phrase, as was "everything's good." It felt a little bit like he might have been struggling with the grind and playbook through camp.

His future still looks bright, but it just might not be this season.

**Many Spartans had mustaches at practice Monday, one of whom was senior quarterback Andrew Maxwell.

When asked about the facial hair, Maxwell said, "Here's the question … do you like it?" To which a reporter replied, "Isn't that a question for your girlfriend, not a group of grown men?" Both responses drew plenty of laughs.

Maxwell explained the day was the "second of third annual Ken Mannie Mustache Monday," a tribute to the Spartans' strength and conditioning coach. He said he thinks Kirk Cousins started it in 2010 or 2011.

"I can't remember what year it was, but that was the first time we did it," Maxwell said. "Here's the funny thing: Literally up until that point, Coach Mannie had always had a mustache and then we did the Coach Mannie Mustache Monday and that's when he grew the goatee and the mustache has never been back. I don't know if he was offended or what, but this is our tribute."

One Spartan had a particularly impressive mustache going.

"Dan France got a head start," Maxwell said. "He has his for about a month now and it's starting to look normal. Travis (Jackson) got on the bandwagon, but France's looks awesome."

**This isn't Jim Bollman's first stint at Michigan State, nor is it his first time working with Mark Dantonio. The pair were together at Youngstown State and Ohio State, as well as at MSU.

"It's great to be back with him," Bollman said. "It's awesome. It's neat just to be able to see him everyday, even if he is just so busy it's nothing more than to say hi. He is a great friend and a great guy to be around. That's been super and I appreciate his tasks that he has everyday and the things that he has to go through. It's good. It's great."

Bollman's kids also used to baby sit Dantonio's when they were coaching together in prior years.

"When his kids were very young, my girls were in middle school and high school here," Bollman said. "So, they all know each other very, very well."

**A topic that seems to come up routinely is which player is the fastest on the team. Dantonio said at Big Ten Media Days it probably is Darqueze Dennard, but might be Trae Waynes. Waynes said it was either himself or Dennard.

Well add another name the mix. During the Big Ten Network's visit to East Lansing on Sunday, a coach told BTN that the fastest player is Jeremy Langford – and it isn't that close.

Langford said a race has been talked about, but hasn't happened.

"We never really raced because we never really have time for it, but we talk about it a lot," he said. "We all talk about it a lot, but we never really get the opportunity as you want to, but it's going to happen one day.

He said the race would be between him, Dennard, Waynes and Bennie Fowler as the top four.

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