QBs have positives, look to clean up mistakes

As the quarterback competition continues in East Lansing, progress is evident from the first scrimmage, but work remains.

Michigan State held its first scrimmage of the fall Saturday and the quarterbacks put up good number to open the fall – despite the defense taking the scrimmage 28-22.

Senior quarterback Andrew Maxwell said he was pleased with how the offense moved the ball, particularly in getting chunks of yards.

"I think one encouraging thing that we can take away from the scrimmage on Saturday is that sometimes when we lost scrimmages in the past, it's that we couldn't run the ball, we didn't throw very effectively and we just kind of got stuffed and sputtered through hit," Maxwell said. "You look back at Saturday we were getting chunk plays it seemed like every series."

Maxwell also said the quarterbacks were pleased with the fact they didn't throw any interceptions, and that they were able to complete a combined 37 of 55 passes.

Still, there were unforced errors and things to be fixed. Maxwell fumbled once on a play where he and the wide receiver were not on the same page. Sophomore Connor Cook botched a snap in the shotgun.

Redshirt freshman Tyler O'Connor also had a mistake on a handoff.

"My critical mistake was I just had a handoff read with one of the running backs," O'Connor said. "We miscommunicated and whether it was his pocket or where I placed the ball, it's my blame and they did end up returning that for a touchdown."

O'Connor said those are things that just need to be fixed.

"Just little things," he said. "Whether it's a read play or just getting the snap from the center – gun snap – things like that. We can't take the little things for granted. We all had our share of things, but they are little things that can be fixed."

Maxwell agreed that the mistakes can be fixed, but that doesn't justify them.

"Those are things you don't want to justify," he said. "You don't want to say they're okay, but they're correctable. They're thing you watch the film and those are things you get with guys and talk to them about it. You make sure they do not happen again.

"The good news is, they are things that can be cleaned up."

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