Practice Notebook (August 16)

Some players might not play in Saturday's scrimmage and who has the best beard on the team? That and more in Friday's practice notebook.

The Spartans have wrapped up another week of practice and head for their second scrimmage of the fall Saturday.

Here are some notes from the Michigan State practice Friday:

**There are a number of players injured at this point, to varying degrees.

Senior offensive tackle Fou Fonoti said Wednesday he has a "minor injury." When asked about playing in Saturday's scrimmage, Fonoti said, "We will see. I'm not sure."

He also said he is "just a little dinged up," but declined to go into specifics.

Freshman linebacker Shane Jones also was asked about his injury status and if he will play in the scrimmage and had a very political response of: "Everybody's had their nicks and bruises. We keep going and we will fight through everything we have."

**Fonoti spent time after practice working with redshirt freshman Jack Conklin with some footwork and stances. Conklin has a lot expected of him, that much is clear. Fonoti is putting in the time to make sure he is ready.

**The Spartans may have held Ken Mannie Mustache Monday this week, but Jones wasn't a participant. In fact, he has a full-grown beard going.

He said he has the best beard on the team "hands down." He also takes pride in holding that title as a freshman.

"All the older guys see it and they kind of get discouraged about how their beards aren't as good as mine," Jones said. "I'm always trying to tell them that I am an old man. I always tell them that they wish they could have a beard like this. Maybe one day they can catch up to me, but I don't think it'll happen."

He also said it is a point of pride and a big statement.

"It's proving something that I have the best beard on the team and no one will ever top me – ever, in my career here," Jones said.

**The Spartans will vote on captains in the near future, but the group already is being narrowed down.

"What we do is we try and pick, we've picked two guys every day to formulate that 12-person group," Dantonio said. "Then we'll pick our captains from those guys. They'll get a week to settle in."

One of the players presumed to be in the running is Fonoti, who said he is happy to be in the conversation.

"Whatever my brothers may decide, I'm definitely fine with that," he said. "Even if people do consider me a leader, I'm definitely blessed with that. If that's the plan, then I will definitely be thankful and grateful for that."

**I have noted how much of a leader sophomore defensive end Shilique Calhoun is in practice with the younger players, particularly freshman Demetrius Cooper and redshirt freshman Jamal Lyles. Both of those players had good things to say about Calhoun and the impact he has on them.

"Shilique is helping me a lot," he said. "He knows way more than me. He is bigger and more elusive than me right now, but he is teaching me everything that I know as far as on the college level. Everything I didn't know when I first got here, every time I'm watching him and everything he does, I'm picking up on that."

Lyles said Calhoun and junior Marcus Rush are both a big help.

"They help me a lot," Lyles said. "They help me and tell me what type of pass rush moves I can use. They show me some of their favorite moves that they use so they can get free. I try to emulate those guys and try to get better since I moved."

**Junior running back Nick Hill said he has taken a couple good hits this fall, and both came in the past couple days. He said the biggest came from linebacker Jairus Jones.

"We had a little power play inside," he said. "Max (Bullough) came down and wrapped up my ankles, so kind of left me vulnerable and J.J. came in from the side and hit me. I had nothing to brace myself, so I think that was the hardest hit I took all camp."

A few quick hitters from this morning's practice.

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