Dennard, Treadwell become vocal leaders

Pair of senior captains show growth in willingness to speak out to teammates and put themselves into leadership roles.

When Michigan State's 2013 football captains were announced Wednesday, it came as little surprise that vocal leader and senior linebacker Max Bullough was among them.

As for the other two, senior cornerback Darqueze Dennard and offensive lineman Blake Treadwell, Bullough said it is a testament to their growth at MSU.

"Blake's a doer, a hard-nosed guy, he's a hard worker and he's played valuable minutes in the past," Bullough said. "He's a guy that knows what he's doing and a lot of guys can follow that lead.

"Darqueze is a fantastic football player. He's vocal now and more so than he ever has been and he's just an outstanding football player. You watch guys that are going to succeed on the field and those are guys that are going to be leaders anyway."

Dennard said he has come a long way when it comes to speaking up to his teammates.

"I actually really didn't talk my freshman year," he said. "I was a very quiet guy and I really just kept to myself. For about the last couple years, I've been coming out of my shell and talking to guys, pretty much just helping them along with the stuff I've been through and coaching them on little stuff and whatnot."

Treadwell said he learned his senior year of high school he learned to speak up and became a captain, which led to him now understanding as a senior again, he will speak up when he needs to.

Head coach Mark Dantonio said he is proud of Treadwell for his growth and leadership.

"He's got great respect from his players," he said. "I think he's more outspoken, he's not afraid. Like what happens with many of our players, as they get older they take more ownership in the program and I think he's doing that. He's taken a lot of ownership, he's not afraid to call a guy out when he needs to be called out and to assert himself."

Dantonio also noted the three Spartan captains were the group in Chicago for Big Ten Media Days – and that they carry great respect from their teammates, as well as himself.

"They're foxhole guys," Dantonio said. "They're guys you want with you when there are times of trouble. And that's the biggest compliment I can say about a young man. When the storms are at their highest, they will be there for you. And they've earned that respect from me."

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