Quotable: WMU edition

Looking at what the Spartans said after their win against the Broncos on Friday night in East Lansing.

Highlighting some postgame quotes from the Spartans after their 26-13 win against Western Michigan:

Defensive coordinator Pat Narduzzi on if Jairus Jones' pitch made him nervous:

"Yeah, cause he tried to do it a second time, yeah. Always makes me nervous, but if they score, it's good. You gotta make plays and that's what we expect our guys to do and they gotta be football players and they gotta make smart decisions. It was a smart decision."

Offensive coordinator Dave Warner on WMU stacking the box and if it was a surprise:

"No. None. Everybody does it. People have done that to us for years and we have to react to that and still be able to execute offensively whether that's in the run game or pass game. That's part of what we go against every week."

Head coach Mark Dantonio on the quarterback rotation:

"It wasn't scripted. I made the call on the quarterbacks and we just sort of in the second half, we took the attitude that if you move the football, you stay in. If you don't, we use the other guy. That's something we have to do sometimes and it's harsh but a quarterback's job is to lead and make good decisions and to create."

Wide receiver Bennie Fowler on the lightning delay:

"We were just trying to stay positive offensively. We knew we had some plays that we could hit and we have to score some points. We wanted to stay out there because it was getting late and the game was getting longer."

Linebacker Jairus Jones on if Kurtis Drummond is his guy for laterals:

"Not really but he is on the same side as me. If it had been Roger or Isaiah or Darqueze or whoever, Trae, I would have pitch it too, but he was the one that was right there. So, I just pitched it."

Running back Jeremy Langford on getting the majority of carries:

"I was excited about getting the carries, but at the same time I got to be competing, so I can get the carries because every day in practice we compete. That's what I like about the D-I college football, playing at Michigan State. We compete and make each other better."

Quarterback Andrew Maxwell on getting into a rhythm with two QBs:

"Yeah, certainly when you're alternating series or you're getting switched in and out. It is hard to find a rhythm, but that's Coach D's call and that's something we have to adjust with. It's certainly not an excuse to stall us. It's not an excuse not to perform well. As we got forward that's something we will have to adjust to."

Quarterback Connor Cook on the MSU offense:

"The sky's the limit for this offense. We've done some things against our defense, and you saw how they performed tonight. It's all about the execution. As an offense, we need to play with confidence and swagger. I will do anything I can do to help this team win."

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