MSU coaches "surprised" by performance

After a fall camp in which the offense showed positively, MSU coaches were taken aback Friday night.

MSU coaches "surprised" by lackluster performance

Immediately following Michigan State's win 26-13 against Western Michigan on Friday, offensive coordinator Dave Warner said he was disappointed in the Spartans' performance.

"Basically, I can just say, very disappointing for myself and us as an offensive football team," Warner said Friday. "I think that's pretty obvious."

After film review this weekend, Warner echoed those sentiments Wednesday.

"Disappointed," he said. "Disappointed in a lot of areas offensively. As I mentioned after the game, we've put a lot of emphasis the last few months of certainly scoring points but how to get there through big plays, red zone opportunities and we had those.

"We had opportunities for big plays, didn't make them. We had red zone opportunities, defense played very well and gave us the ball on the plus side of the field numerous times and we just didn't take advantage of it. That's us as an offense not getting the job done."

Warner said it was surprising that the Spartans didn't move the ball based on the offense's performance in fall camp.

"Yes, I was surprised because, I don't lie to you guys when I said we weren't dropping the ball and throwing the ball fairly well in camp we were," Warner said. "We were doing it against our own defense a lot which is a very good defense and excellent secondary. So for us to go out and play like we did Friday night, and let me give credit to Western Michigan, they were prepared and they played well, played hard, but it was a surprise to me."

Wide receivers coach Terrence Samuel also said he was disappointed and shocked by what his group of wideouts did Friday.

"Very disappointed," Samuel said. "I'll tell you what, what's shocking is you didn't see that during camp. With the drops, they were uncharacteristic drops. Some drops are going to be hard to make. I can live with you making a great effort and you make a drop, but the unforced drop, just the pure drop, that's hard to take."

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