O'Connor "always a possibility" to play at QB

Redshirt freshman could be in the mix Saturday and what is the word on Jamal Lyles moving to tight end? Will Kurtis Drummond see time at wide receiver?

Michigan State had a four-man race at quarterback in fall camp and while it appears Damion Terry will be redshirted, redshirt freshman Tyler O'Connor is still in the mix.

O'Connor didn't see snaps against Western Michigan, but offensive coordinator Dave Warner said Wednesday that it's "always a possibility" that O'Connor will play.

Warner also said it can be hard to develop a third quarterback as you are working with two before him.

"It's hard to develop him, but that's our hope," he said. "That's a question we keep asking ourselves. You try to get one quarterback ready to play. It's hard to get two ready to play. How do you get a third ready to play? We talk about that constantly as well, but that's what we are trying to do until we figure out exactly what direction we are going to go."

**As SpartanDigest.com reported Tuesday night, redshirt freshman Jamal Lyles has been working with the tight ends this week.

Warner would not confirm that, saying "I don't have any idea what you guys are talking about."

He did have good praise for Lyles' athleticism, though.

"He's a good athlete," he said. "I don't know. He played receiver and quarterback and different positions in high school. He's a guy that we are trying to figure out the best guys to put on the field."

Warner also deferred to head coach Mark Dantonio when asked again if Lyles was getting work at tight end.

On Tuesday, Dantonio said that he was concerned about the development at tight end.

"I said that early in the season," Dantonio said. "Only way to get that is to have game experience. We need a guy that can catch the ball at tight end. We need to have a threat at tight end. We need to do certain things to remedy that problem as we move forward, which we will do.

**Warner was asked if there is a possibility of taking the redshirt off freshman R.J. Shleton, who was an explosive playmaker in high school.

Warner again deferred to Mark Dantonio.

"The decisions like those obviously are Coach Dantonio's, and I don't think there are any definite redshirts taking place right now," Warner said. "We just wait and see. Week to week, whoever's gonna help us win is gonna help us win."

**After his standout performance Friday night – included a one-handed interception – some Michigan State fans began joking that safety Kurtis Drummond should be moved to offense

Defensive backs coach Harlon Barnett said he wouldn't go as far as to move Drummond to wide receiver if he keeps catching the ball like that.

"I won't say move him to receiver, maybe both ways," Barnett said. "I wouldn't go to receiver all the way that way. But he's a great athlete, he's showing what he's shown us all along as far as when he was in high school up until now. It's his turn, it's his chance and he's making the best of his opportunities."

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