Calhoun making a home in the end zone

Spartans sophomore defensive end adds two touchdowns to his season total Saturday in their 21-6 win against South Florida.

With the Michigan State offense struggling to score points, defensive end Shilique Calhoun is having no such problems.

The sophomore upped his season total to three touchdowns with a pair of scores in Saturday's 21-6 win against South Florida.

"Shilique has the most touchdowns on the team right now," sophomore wide receiver MacGarrett Kings said. "That is crazy. It just goes to show when you work hard and practice, it pays off."

Calhoun, who had a 16-yard fumble return against Western Michigan, found the end zone for the second time this season when he scooped up a fumble forced by Tyler Hoover and eased into the end zone from 4 yards out.

The second was an interception that came off pressure from linebacker Denicos Allen and a batted ball by Taiwan Jones.

"I realized the ball was in the air," Calhoun said, "and the first thing I thought was, 'If you catch this, man, you're good. You got it. All you have to do is catch the ball first.' As I caught it, I looked around and I was like, 'I can make it to the end zone again.'

"It was another opportunity where I could make it to the end zone and I was pretty happy."

Defensive coordinator Pat Narduzzi also was happy with the performance from Calhoun.

"You score twice on defense, you got to be happy there again," Narduzzi said. "Shilique, he's our running back on defense, I guess. Just hand it off to him and let him go. He's a great player. We knew he's a great player and it's the difference between having a guy who makes plays in practice and a guy that makes a play in the game and catches it and finishes it, so it's good to see."

On the 56-yard return, Calhoun got to the outside and was off to the races – even putting distance between South Florida players and himself.

"I had a couple of good blocks that sprung me through," he said. "That's what sprung me through, good blocks. I wouldn't say my running abilities at all."

Allen gave Calhoun a little more credit and said he is not your average defensive end and brings speed.

"He's a fast, athletic guy who deserves everything he's been given," Allen said. "He's been working hard and it's crazy to know that a defensive end has three touchdowns - it's more than a lot of players on the team."

So with the Spartans quarterbacks not having a touchdown pass through two games, can Calhoun help at quarterback?

"No man, I can't do that," he said. "It may look easy on defense running the ball, but that's because I have some good blockers ahead of me. My guys are blocking me. But I can't outrun a defensive end. I don't know if I could do it."

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