Quarterback competition shifts to No. 2 role

With Connor Cook establishing himself as the No. 1 at present, the remaining quarterbacks are looking to be the No. 2.

Following Michigan State's 55-17 win against Youngstown State on Saturday, head coach Mark Dantonio made it known who the Spartans starting quarterback is going forward.

"Connor Cook is our number one quarterback," Dantonio said, adding that it no longer is a competition.

Now, the battle is for the No. 2 spot for the Spartans, which Dantonio said has to play out.

"We did not want Andrew (Maxwell) to play on a lopsided win like that," Dantonio said. "Tyler O'Connor needed more of an opportunity to show what he had. I thought he played pretty well, threw the ball pretty well and did some good things. We'll evaluate his performance off the game film. He got a lot of plays in there, which was a positive.

"I think I've said we try to slow the game down and give people opportunities. I think we've done that. We let it roll from there."

Maxwell didn't play against Youngstown State after starting the season-opener and playing against South Florida. Dantonio said last week that Maxwell is like an NFL backup.

O'Connor played almost the entire second half and went 7 of 10 for 68 yards.

"When we went to 42 points," Dantonio said, "I think that's when we felt like the most important thing was probably to get Tyler O'Connor reps to see what he can do and how he played because that's another factor that we're trying to weigh as we move forward."

O'Connor, who had two series against South Florida, said getting more game experience felt good.

"It's great to get out there and really get into the rhythm basically for a full half," O'Connor said. "We moved the ball and did some good things so I feel pretty good about today."

True freshman Damion Terry was the No. 2 in practice entering last week's practice, but Dantonio said the decision was made to not play him after the week of practices.

"I think right now it's better that we redshirt him based on his practices this week," Dantonio said. "You never say never, but that's based on how I feel right now."

Offensive coordinator Dave Warner added to the thought saying that Terry didn't play because of an understanding of the offense.

"He's got tremendous tools and he's going to be a very good football player for us," Warner said. "At the same time we want to be smart and protect him and protect this football team and not put him in before he's ready. The jury is still out.

"This doesn't mean he's on the back shelf the rest of the year, just at this time he wasn't ready to go."

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