Live Chat Replay: September 26

Read up on recruiting news, player updates and a whole lot more from Thursday afternoon's chat.

Ivan Bathwell: Have you seen the new basketball player commit play yet?

MikeWScout: I have not seen him in person, no. Once I took this job, most AAU stuff was over.

Ivan Bathwell: Is he highly regard then or a red-shirt anidate?

MikeWScout: He is highly regarded. Nairn could start from day one potentially. He would have to jump people in front of him, but brings quickness and true PG skills that others don't have.

Ivan Bathwell: That sounds promising! Who does he remind people of?

MikeWScout: The names tossed around are former Spartans Kalin Lucas and Travis Walton. He has quickness similar to Lucas and slashes to the hoop well. I think Walton is a comp for Nairn's toughness. Now, those are big names to live up to, but his skill set is reminiscent of theirs.

James Nason: Call me a homer, but i like Nairn better than Snider, Ulis, and Lachance

Mattcschulte: Mike, 2 biggest take aways going forward from the ND game. One offensive, one defensive.

Ivan Bathwell: We needed someone, then, of this caliber to get the ball rolling. Perhaps others will begin to commit our way as well...

MikeWScout: I like Nairn quite a bit for how he fits the MSU system. He is a true Izzo PG and that is a nice get.

MikeWScout: Matt, offensive takeaway: Stick to the run game when it works and don't shy from that game plan. Defensive: Keep doing what they're doing. Making a team one-dimensional is the goal and MSU did it well.

MikeWScout: Ivan, what you saw with PG recruits is once a couple top ones went off the board, a lot of others started committing. I believe Evan Daniels said earlier that all of the top 25 point guards apart from Tyus Jones are now committed. Similar things should happen at other positions, too.

Mattcschulte: Does that happen out of pressure to commit before your spot is taken?

James Nason: What is so special about Tyus Jones? In my opinion, there is no way he is a one and done

MikeWScout: Matt, that has a lot to do with it, yes. You saw a similar thing happen to Chris Durkin, MSU's QB commit. He liked Northwestern a lot and missed his spot there and also liked MSU a lot, so he committed here quickly to not miss a spot at his other favorite school.

Ivan Bathwell: What is the latest story on Nick Tompkins? I have been disappointed with his impact, anything that you can share?

MikeWScout: Jones is really good. He brings a little more size to the PG position and can flat out score, as well as play the point and pass well. He is a rare talent. One and done? Maybe not. But he is a great PG.

MikeWScout: Tompkins is buried on the depth chart. He has been injured on and off, which hurt him in fall camp.

Ivan Bathwell: That is the thing though. The depth chart isn't all that great. What about his play on the scout team?

James Nason: Maybe if I saw Jones live it would alter my opinion. I definitely thought Snider was an ok point guard. I never did figure out what to make of Ulis.

James Nason: I am hearing Blackmon is a real possibility for MSU

MikeWScout: It might not be great, in your opinion, but it has a lot of players on it. Tompkins is stuck behind Langford, Hill and Bullough. Throw in the redshirt freshman Holmes and Williams and Tompkins is in a bit of trouble when it comes to playing time.

MikeWScout: Keep in mind, none of those RBs are seniors.

Ivan Bathwell: But also remember that Nick was so good that Coach promised not to recruit another running back two years ago...

Ivan Bathwell: That was a huge mistake.

MikeWScout: Yup. That's recruiting for you. New guys come in each year and you can't always be sure of how players wind up working out. He still could make noise, but right now he is buried on the depth chart.

Roger Rex: Tompkins has never been completely healthy during his time @ MSU which has hurt his development. He has great speed but has never been able to really show it.

DMBerk: You could always see him step forward and see Bullough go back to defense if needed. He just needs to get healthy to show what he can do

James Nason: Need to get Daniel Cage up to MSU for a visit. RB is nice, but get me the linemen and everything else will work out.

MikeWScout: As Dave said, Bullough could well wind up back on defense. Delton Williams has been on scout team at LB this fall. Those guys can move around.

Ivan Bathwell: Regarding MacGarret Kings, can he really be this good? I think that he is a keeper (meaning a starter)...

MikeWScout: Kings is the quickest, shiftiest WR they have right now. He also has really good hands. As his route running and those little mental elements keep falling in place, he has the potential to be a huge impact player -- as you are starting to see him making a difference.

DMBerk: Cage is a must visit guy. He reached out to the MS coaches for the last home game and was set to come with his entire family. Dad got sick and his high school game and had to visit the hospital and the trip was stopped. He's told MSU he is still coming for a game, just a matter of what game that will be

Roger Rex: Dave, Latest on D. Cage ?

James Nason: I hear Cage is coming up for the Indiana game

DMBerk: The thing with Cage now is that Ohio State went to see him play last Friday, they could jump in late and turn things their way

MikeWScout: He also is working out at PR and KR this week. So Kings will get his hands on the ball more.

DMBerk: The IU game is the hope, we'll have to see. When he is on campus then we'll know for sure

Ivan Bathwell: Anyone, did you hear any discipline from Coach regarding Ed Davis and the punch he threw during the ND game?

MikeWScout: Nothing has come up from the media or MSU or the conference about Davis as of yet.

Roger Rex: Kings is a real threat as a returner. Could breal a couple long ones.

James Nason: I hate OSU. That is all. Carry on.

DMBerk: MSU is coming to his game tonight, I'll be there and if you get FOX Sports Ohio you can watch him in action. Kickoff is 7 and I'll be on at halftime

DMBerk: Vayante Copeland is also in this game

DMBerk: Cage, Have heard Harlon Barnett will be in Dayton Ohio tonight for the Winton Woods and Thurgood Marshall game

Crazynick15: Who's a realistic shot for Izzo in class of 2014?

MikeWScout: Plenty of guys still on the radar for MSU, Nick. Kevon Looney, Reid Travis. Those PFs are still in the mix. James Blackmon is out there, as is Devin Booker. I think Booker is headed to UK, though I once thought he would go to UM.

DMBerk: With it being an off week, I would not be surprised if MSU visits others in SW Ohio this weekend especially Elijah Taylor at Moeller

Roger Rex: Brad Salem may be in IL Fri night to watch Chris James.

MikeWScout: Salem was out to see James earlier this week at a practice and I think he has other plans.

DMBerk: I think Staten was or is on the West Coast looking at JUCO OL this week

James Nason: Its funny, all those bb guys you mentioned, MSU is not leading for any of them. But i wouldnt be suprised if MSU gets 1 or 2 of them

MikeWScout: Don't have to lead to land someone. Look at how MSU swooped in late and nabbed Nairn. It just takes timing and being the right school at the time of the decision.

James Nason: Who is the best RB prospect between James, London and Ballage?

Roger Rex: Looking at JUCO OT's Hedelin and Hayes.

Ivan Bathwell: If you were to guess, who would be the starting MLB next year, Riley or Jon R.?

MikeWScout: I like London the most of that trio.

MikeWScout: Ivan, don't rule out Darien Harris at MLB. He is repping there this season and was great in fall camp.

DMBerk: Hard to say now at MLB more than just those two

James Nason: Wow, that is a suprise. I would have guessed Ballage

James Nason: I think MSU has the best chance with London, as long as he visists and doesnt pop to Wisci first

Ivan Bathwell: I am surprised. Figured Darien for outside with the coming of Shane Jones...

MikeWScout: I think Ballage is similar to Gerald Owens and might wind up at a different position than RB in college. (possible, not guaranteed). That is a reason why I like London. Solid size, good speed, but a good RB. Wisconsin would be the threat because London and Lubern Figaro clicked on their official there.

Roger Rex: I rank 1- James 2 - London 3 - Ballage (could end up on defense)

DMBerk: Jones can play on the outside, he was playing some safety last fall in high school

MikeWScout: Harris and Jones both can play multiple LB spots. Harris will rep at STAR with Jairus Jones out injured.

James Nason: Yup, i saw a tweet from London to Figaro reminding him of the upcoming MSU visit. Guess it didnt work.

MikeWScout: You certainly could rank James as the No. 1 of that RB group, especially with the need for a speed back in the class (IMO). The staff also likes Jeff Jones, a Minnesota commit, and hopes to have him out here soon.

Ivan Bathwell: And it will be great to have Tawain Jones back next year.

James Nason: Oh yeah, forgot about JJ. His highlights look better than the others, in my opinion. Barry Sanders type of RB

James Nason: If you had to guess, who will be the next FB commit?

MikeWScout: J.J. Pinckney is a good one to bet on as a commit soon. Not a lock, but a good bet.

Roger Rex: Nest commit = OH WR J. J. Pinckney if he visits.

Ivan Bathwell: Is LT ready to go full tilt yet?

MikeWScout: LT isn't ready to go full-tilt yet, but is conditioning back.

ames Nason: Whats up with that 2015 OL that kinda comitted but didnt? Is he wavering? i think his name is Stallworth?

MikeWScout: Stallworth is taking his time to make a decision, as of now.

Ivan Bathwell: Your impressions on the Chruma kid?

MikeWScout: Chmura is a big, physical TE. Could be a very good player in the future.

Ivan Bathwell: Is he fast enough for stretching the field on seam routes?

MikeWScout: I haven't seen enough of Chmura to know that just yet. His strength is his strength ... yup. Josiah Price and Jamal Lyles are solid down-field threats.

Roger Rex: Chmura is one of the better athletes of the TE group and can stretch the field down the seam.

Ivan Bathwell: Jamal is quite the bonus, huh? I had him as the next very good DE for us...

MikeWScout: He had some schools recruiting him to play either TE or LB/DE. The ability has been there for him.

Roger Rex: Chmura is drawing some good reviews on the Scout Team.

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