Dawson is a "different guy"

Izzo says sophomore forward is fully back from ACL injury in 2011-12 season and a note on Kenny Kaminski's development.

Junior forward Branden Dawson spent a lot of last offseason coming back from a torn ACL and Izzo said there is a difference in him now.

"He's playing harder, he's worked harder, he's spent an incredible amount of time in this gym," Dawson said. "And I don't think he's even thinking about his injury anymore. I watched some film with him, I definitely think last year, even I couldn't see it at times, but subliminally he was, there were just vibes that he wasn't the guy I recruited."

Izzo referenced Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson and how he bounced back from his ACL injury and also mentioned Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III.

"You've seen it with RGIII, we got mesmerized with Adrian Peterson," Izzo said. "We did, we all did. The whole nation did. The whole world did.

"And that, to me, Branden Dawson is a freak of nature, RGIII is, Adrian Peterson is, but one of them is and only one was a double freak of nature because it didn't seem to slow him down an ounce.

"I actually have grown an appreciation for what Branden went through and I think you'll see a different guy."

Kaminski looking to get in the fold

Forward Kenny Kaminski was the lone member of the 2012 recruiting class to be redshirted last year as he was recovering from a right shoulder injury.

Izzo said the redshirt freshman can bring some shooting ability to the Spartans.

"I think what he brings is he can really shoot the ball, as a lot of you saw the last month of the season on the scout team," Izzo said. "Because of that, you never can have enough shooters and he gives us something off the bench."

Izzo also said Kaminski has lost about 35 pounds and is down to 225 pounds.

"Kenny looks a lot better, he really does," Izzo said. "He lost 32 or 3 or 5 and is better physically and I think he is better mentally. The bigger question now is what can he do laterally. We'll see if he can guard BJ and people like that."

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