Starting lineup in limbo for MSU

Four starters return, but Spartans look to find fifth player to start in the upcoming season. Could sophomore Matt Costello fill out the starting group?

Michigan State returns four starters from a year ago, including the currently injured Gary Harris, but the fifth spot is in limbo at present.

Coach Tom Izzo said Friday it could come down to a couple players: Matt Costello and Alex Gauna.

"The fifth one we will go with the experienced guy, which first would be Matt or Alex, but there's not a starting five," he said.

Izzo added he promised himself he would hold his players to the mentality that "everything should be earned every day."

He explained that over the years he has worried too much about what things might look like publicly instead of what is best for the team.

"If guys don't play, if guys miss classes and there's consequences, I'm not gonna worry about it," he said. "No insult to Twitter, talk radio, all the things, I think I did a poor job of that at times. I remember one incident in particular and I kinda let that, kinda define me for a year or two.

"I've always believed in this, there is no greater deterrent than playing time. We got enough players right now that I think we're gonna see great effort on a consistent basis and if there's not, that's gonna be the way I'm gonna deal with it. Less yelling, less this and that, more right to the fact of hitting people where it hits the most."

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