Freshmen progressing early in practice

Pair of Schilling, Ellis progressing with expectations and will benefit from earlier start to fall practices.

Michigan State's 2013 basketball recruiting class might not have come together exactly at coach Tom Izzo and Co. had envisioned, but the pair of players they netted are making progress.

Izzo said the freshmen – forward Gavin Schilling and guard Alvin Ellis – are moving along as he would like them to thus far.

"As you can imagine, I'm more worried when you have freshmen and you need them is when you lost all your upperclassmen," Izzo said. "Kentucky goes through that. I am hoping our freshmen keep progressing. I hope they don't catch the other guys, if that makes any sense. If they do, that means somebody is faltering on the other end."

Izzo said he expects the Spartans to play a lot of guys this season.

"I am worried, well not worried but excited, about everybody because I think we got a lot of guys that can play and I think we are going to play a lot of guys," he said."

Izzo said the changes in NCAA scheduling, which allow teams to start six weeks before the first regular-season game, will help the freshmen.

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