Live Chat Replay: October 2

Check out the conversation on recruiting, coaches and some basketball players.

Kylon Anthony Haugabook: can we count on no more qb controversies this week

MikeWScout: I wouldn't expect any controversy or changes unless Connor Cook turns the ball over a couple times early.

Kylon Anthony Haugabook: since not too many people are here right now I will get all my questions in. Any recruiting updates?

MikeWScout: Bring them all on! What recruiting updates are you thinking of specifically?

Kylon Anthony Haugabook: well I will start with football. Are there any offensive playmakers we should be looking forward to. I think thats what is really holding the offense back this year

MikeWScout: As far as commits go, I am a big fan of tight end Matt Sokol. He is incredibly athletic, moves well and is a mismatch. He could be a real force when he really gets the technique of tight end down.

Kylon Anthony Haugabook: I was talking more of people who have yet to commit

MikeWScout: Wide receiver J.J. Pinckney is a big wide receiver who could wind up in MSU's class if he visits soon. Jauan Wesley is another wide out -- more of a slot guy -- that MSU is high on.

MikeWScout: Wesley is an Iowa State commit, but MSU is working on him.

Erik Hansen: Any word on how the frosh linemen out of Casstech has looked on the scout team? Haven't heard much about him after he signed

MikeWScout: Funny you asked that about Dennis Finley. I was talking about him with another media member today. You don't hear much about scout team players unless you ask players specifically about them. So there hasn't been much on Finley.

Kylon Anthony Haugabook: on to the basketball side. Now that we have lourawls (greatest name ever) are there any other guys who may want to play with him and commit soon

Erik Hansen: Ahh thanks. What about Madaris? Healthy yet or Kilgore? Not a lot of confidence in WR group and not much behind em

MikeWScout: I have heard Nairn is helping get on the recruiting trail since he committed. Not sure on specifics there, though. An offer went out today to combo guard Javon Bess.

MikeWScout: I can't say much on injuries without a coach commenting on them, but Madaris is working back. Kilgore is redshirting regardless.

MikeWScout: Don't be too down on that group. There is more there than people give them credit for. I actually am a big fan of Kilgore and think he will be an animal before he finishes at MSU.

Kylon Anthony Haugabook: how is harris doing? is dawson's shot really doing?

MikeWScout: Harris is almost back healthy. Limited still, but working his way back. Dawson's shot looked a little better Friday, but won't be great.

Erik Hansen: The reason I asked about those two is I really miss the Cunningham type... Love Kings but we need some big guys that can go make tough play when needed

Kylon Anthony Haugabook: definitely gonna need him to be able to knock down some midrange shots. That along with getting himself to the hole

MikeWScout: Certainly, MSU could use a Cunningham-type receiver, but they don't come that easy. He was a special college WR.

Erik Hansen: Agreed-vastly under rated I thought as well. Guy was a machine

Erik Hansen: What are you thoughts on Alvin Ellis right now?

MikeWScout: Ellis is raw but talented. MSU might not have netted big recruits, but they got a couple solid ones.

Erik Hansen: I've heard grumblings about Harris staying a third year weather his fam wants him too or he wants too... with the deep draft class coming in do you think its possible he stays another year?

MikeWScout: I haven't heard anything like that, but I think it would be a surprise for him to stay for a third year if he progresses on his performance last year. Staying healthy will be key.

Erik Hansen: Im all over the place today BUT we got any O Lineman you think will get drafted next year??? I thought Fou would be a good bet but he is rotating a bit.

MikeWScout: Fonoti has been rotating mostly due to injury. He could have an NFL future as a guard.

Kylon Anthony Haugabook: You see Coach Narduzzi going anywhere else? Can't say I would blame him

MikeWScout: I am surprised Narduzzi still is in East Lansing. With the openings that will be out there this offseason, he will be a top candidate for a lot of them. Get used to hearing his name thrown out there and don't be surprised if he jumps at the right opportunity. Gotta consider he could be making a lot more as a head coach and he has the resume.

Kylon Anthony Haugabook: Hope he gets his shot. Seems like a great guy and coach

RCMBrocks: Who would replace Narduzzi?

MikeWScout: That's a good question. Dantonio likes to promote from within, so it would be likely he looks to the defensive staff for a replacement.

RCMBrocks: Barnett?

MikeWScout: Barnett or Tressel would be my guesses.

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