Sadler takes advantage of trick play -- again

Punter had a 26-yard run to key Michigan State in the fourth quarter.

Michigan State punter Mike Sadler has been valuable to Michigan State for his punting ability, but Saturday he got a chance to show off his running ability for the second time.

Facing a punting situation opening the fourth quarter, Sadler took off for 25 yards and a first down into Iowa territory -- and showing his legs in a different way.

"It's cool," Sadler said. "I think I actually outrushed Iowa today, so what does that say about our defense? It's scary. I was just very fortunate to be able to have that opportunity."

Coach Mark Dantonio isn't a stranger to trick plays and given the Spartans 20-14 lead, it was a calculated gamble.

"It's all about timing and execution," Dantonio said. "I just felt like if we executed, they are always coming in with a different punt defense every week. I just sort of felt like if we got the time, if we got the moment, that we would do it."

The drive led to a field goal, which put MSU up two scores, 23-14.

Sadler said the play was put in last year, but it is different than the one MSU ran against Michigan last season.

"This was supposed to be more up the middle, but they were sending a second D-lineman so we had to go a little bit wider," he said. "It ended up looking more like a sweep than we wanted it to, but we got the job done and that's what we needed."

Despite his career rushing average of 25.5 per attempt, Sadler said he wasn't attempting to follow any blocks.

"No, did you see the run?" he said. "I didn't read anything. I was just trying to get to the sideline and not die. Everything worked out really well."

In typical Dantonio fashion, the play also had a special name.

"Hey, diddle diddle worked," he said. "Hey, diddle diddle, send Sadler up the middle."

"That is the official name," Sadler confirmed.

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