Live Chat Replay (October 10)

Talking a lot of IU offense and the matchup this weekend for MSU/IU, as well as a focus on Nick Hill and his role and expectations.

MikeWScout: Hey all, welcome to this week's live chat!

DMBerk: Hello everyone...

Matthew Greco: Who is the biggest threat offensively for Indiana?

Matthew Greco: especially as far as explosive plays go

MikeWScout: I think it's Shane Wynn. He was tough on MSU last year. Cody Latimer is a threat, too. Those receivers are good in space and quick.

DMBerk: Latimer and keep an eye on RB Houston, SEC type of running back

MikeWScout: Tevin Coleman is nice at RB, too. MSU recruited him pretty hard.

Matthew Greco: holy cow, shane wynn must be blazing fast he is only 5-7

DMBerk: Wynn is fast, one of the many kids out of Glenville HS in Cleveland

MikeWScout: WIth the way IU uses bubble screens and quick passes, he fits the offense well. Latimer is more of a typical WR.

DMBerk: They also do a good job using the TE Bolser

Matthew Greco: Are they a pass heavy offense?

MikeWScout: VERY pass heavy offense.

Matthew Greco: Do they use short slants/ screens more or stretch the field?

MikeWScout: Lead the Big Ten in a lot of passing categories.

DMBerk: they are move 50/50 they have run the ball 154 times and passed it 152 times

Matthew Greco: The 2012 lions of college football

MikeWScout: They try to get wide a lot. Screens are a big part.

Matthew Greco: So would it be a fair assumption Dennard and Waynes will be tested but in a different way than at ND?

DMBerk: they have an avg of almost 15 yards per pass play and getting over 5 yards per run

MikeWScout: I think the test lies a lot with the outside linebackers. MSU struggled last year to play sideline to sideline in the first half because of how close their linebackers play to the line. Dennard and Waynes will be tested, but the front seven have a lot to do with it, too.

Matthew Greco: Impressive statistics but alike Michigan States defense are the stats bolstered because of the opponents they're playing?

MikeWScout: I have IU at 9 yards per attempt and 4.85 yards per rush.

MikeWScout: Indiana did a lot of good things last week against Penn State. They have done bigger things against smaller opponents, though. They did play Missouri and did pretty well. It's an intriguing matchup.

DMBerk: you might be right mike, I was looking at a late Sept stat sheet I had. They can still be a team that gets the big play

Matthew Greco: Do you have a prediction for the game?

Matthew Greco: Are you at liberty to share it?

MikeWScout: I have it at 34-24 MSU. I think MSU can move the ball on the Hoosiers defense, which gives up a lot of yards. Langford and Williams could factor in majorly as they allow more than 200 yards per game on the ground.

Matthew Greco: Any idea why Dantonio burned Delton's redshirt last week? or was it already burned?

MikeWScout: It was burned because they think Williams gives them a good power back option -- and he does. You saw it against Iowa that he can be a good power running back and has some skill.

MikeWScout: Basically, Bullough wasn't the answer there. You got that vibe in the first four games with him playing sparingly. He now is at fullback.

Matthew Greco: I just thought it was a rather odd time to throw him in the game.

MikeWScout: It was interesting when they chose to, but Dantonio said they wanted to get him in and trusted him to hold the ball. He showed he is solid.

Spartonyan: Do you think that LT will be ready for Nov 2?

Matthew Greco: Especially after no playing time in the first 4 games

Mike Painchaud: Lets wait until the season is over before pushing a new O coach. In any event there would be a TON of O coaches who would LOVE to have State's O next year.

MikeWScout: LT is practicing and is working back. I don't think it would be wise to play him this season.

Matthew Greco: Are they just going to abandon Nick Hill? Mostly langford and Williams now?

MikeWScout: Hill will still be a factor. I just like Langford more and think he provides a better overall skill set. Hill has been a pleasant surprise this season.

Mike Painchaud: I hope they don't abandon Hill. He has a role.

Spartonyan: Does Thompkins need to wait for his opportunity next spring or is he still having issues holding onto the ball?

Mike Painchaud: Small back who in a downhill runner who can hide behind Big O linemen.

Matthew Greco: I like hill as he is high energy

Matthew Greco: And that 4th down conversion he had against ND proved to be he has alot of heart

MikeWScout: Problem with Hill is being small, though. Can he be a Big Ten running back? We will see. He has done well so far.

Mike Painchaud: That was an amazing run...

Matthew Greco: He did gain 20 lbs in the offseason correct?

MikeWScout: Tompkins is buried on the depth chart right now and no running backs will graduate, so he has that issue.

Mike Painchaud: Small backs can do well. Even in th NFL.

MikeWScout: Hill is 5-6. It's tough to be a physical runner in the Big Ten at that size, but he is doing some nice things.

Mike Painchaud: I have not seen a back run this year with more heart than Hill...

MikeWScout: (By no running backs will graduate, I mean none are seniors)

Spartonyan: understood

Matthew Greco: And I expect them all to stay unless they pull an edwin baker esque leave

Spartonyan: It would be nice to have Kings break a punt or KO for a TD this week. Been awhile for that...

MikeWScout: Kings showed he has the ability and so does Shelton in the KR.

Mike Painchaud: Going to be tough to do with IN's speed...

Matthew Greco: He had the one he returned far against iowa

Spartonyan: I have not watched IU that much, is their QB mobile at all?

Mike Painchaud: He had better

MikeWScout: He is more of a pocket passer. Roberson will come in on some sets when they want to run the ball with him.

Matthew Greco: Random: Did anyone have a hard time rooting for NW against OSU because of the Legends Division competitiveness?

Spartonyan: I really didn't care, because I saw a positive in either outcome.

Spartonyan: Over Under on sacks this week? 1.5

Mike Painchaud: Over

Matthew Greco: Since they're stressing sacks right now, over

MikeWScout: I would lean over, but you gotta keep in mind how quickly IU likes to get the ball out.

MikeWScout: I believe at least one of their starting OL is out, though.

Spartonyan: Is Lewis back to full strength after the collision with Dennard last week on that tackle?

Mike Painchaud: As long as we are on over/under, O/U 2 Interceptions for State's D?

MikeWScout: I don't think he was ever not at full strength after that hit. They just both were a little bit dazed.

Spartonyan: I would love to see Lyles get a TD this week

Matthew Greco: Does Delton Williams bring the ability to catch the ball out of the backfield to the table?

MikeWScout: Absolutely. He was a WR a lot of the time in high school.

Matthew Greco: Thats good to hear, good blocker as well?

Mike Painchaud: Love to see him get some isolation on a backer...

Mike Painchaud: Gotta have Wheels Up if you want to fly...

MikeWScout: He wouldn't be playing if he couldn't block, that's for sure. Still going to have a learning curve, but he wouldn't be out there if the coaches didn't think he could block and be a complete back.

Matthew Greco: That block Langford picked up when Cook hit kings in stride was key

Mike Painchaud: I still don't see how Langford even saw that Backer there...

MikeWScout: Film. Film. Film.

Mike Painchaud: Opposite side It was sweet

Spartonyan: Mike, how much practice do you have access to? Not sure if you get to see the WR's run drills, blocking etc.

MikeWScout: We get to see a little bit of practice one a week. Not much at all, really.

Crazynick15: any recruiting news?

MikeWScout: A nice list of visitors this weekend, Nick. That's about it.

MikeWScout: Hill had a great block pick up that was all the way across the line to the other side. That was impressive, too. Led to a first down pass to Burbridge I believe.

Mike Painchaud: Who are the best blockers among the receiving corps?

Spartonyan: I would say Fowler must be one of the good blockers

Matthew Greco: Do you expect the receivers to continue making the strides they made last week?

Mike Painchaud: How about TL?

MikeWScout: I do think they keep improving. They are confident right now and that is huge. Making plays is contagious.

Spartonyan: Lippett, of all guys, ignited the WR success last week

MikeWScout: I thought Lippett's catch early in the game really set the tone. It was a tough catch and kept the drive going.

Spartonyan: Mike, what are your expectations for Saturday?

MikeWScout: I expect MSU to be able to move the ball on the ground well Saturday. They should look to get going with the run game and go to play action. IU gives up lots of yards.

Mike Painchaud: I get the sense that MD is down on Hill. Is it true? He always changes the subject and downplays Hill when specific questions are asked concerning him. What do you think?

MikeWScout: I don't think that is true at all. He goes out of his way to mention Hill, in fact.

Mike Painchaud: some of the interviews....I get a different sense

MikeWScout: For example, asked about Delton Williams the other day, Dantonio turned and said how pleased he is with Nick Hill and Jeremy Langford.

Matthew Greco: Troup is out for the season, do you expect him to come back next year and be a contributor?

MikeWScout: As for Troup, I think he is a player MSU could use right now. Big bodied receiver that could be a red zone threat.

Matthew Greco: is he healthy enough to play right now?

MikeWScout: He tore his ACL in the spring ... nope.

MikeWScout: Alright, guys, that's all for today. Thanks for bringing your questions!

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