Live Chat Replay (October 17)

Talking running back recruiting, Izzo's appearance at Midnight Madness and more!

MikeWScout: Hey everyone. Welcome to this week's live chat!

Roger Rex: Ready for Michigan State to blow out PU Sat.

MikeWScout: Should be an ... interesting game. Purdue is struggling mightily, that is for sure.

mike3fan: weather does look so great for Sat. advantage to either team?

MikeWScout: With all due respect to Purdue, I don't think weather means much in this game.

Roger Rex: Word is they may try a 4-2-5 defense vs. MSU for the 1st time this week.

Erik Hansen: Who would you guys we land of the RB's were after? London, James, etc... James looks pretty impressive

Erik Hansen: Who would you think we land*

mike3fan: )me either, trying to make small talk ;)

MikeWScout: They ran that a decent bit against Nebraska last week, actually. Made the change during the bye week. A lot of rush defensive end, stand up linebacker-type sets.

MikeWScout: As for the running backs, I think right now James would be the most likely to me, if MSU decides that is their guy. London visited and had a good time, but I think MSU might trail Nebraska a bit.

mike3fan: think the RB rotation is pretty well set with 33/22?

MikeWScout: That said, I know some MSU commits are working on London.

Erik Hansen: Don't you think James would be more the part for the speed back we want anyway??? Not comparing the two but looks a bit like Chris Johnson

MikeWScout: I think James is a very nice speed back. Not elite, but very talented. I like him a lot. I do think the rotation is pretty well defined with Langford and Williams for now. Hill will still factor in, but the other two have themselves set up nicely.

Roger Rex: James is all over the place now in his recruiting. I think MSU eventually gets London. Jones is the wild card in this scenario

Erik Hansen: You think Williams will actually switch back to Safety when its all said in done? He looks like he has a future at RB

MikeWScout: Williams was asked which position he thinks he will finish his career at and he said safety. I don't think safety is in his future at all. If he goes to defense, it would probably be at linebacker. I definitely think it could be tough to switch him away from RB.

mike3fan: I love bringing Williams in the 3rd qtr, seems like fresh legs/power is a nice change of pace

MikeWScout: I think we will see more of Williams early in games now. He is proving himself. Can't have fumbles if he wants to get consistent carries. Be on the look for him splitting out wide in motion soon. MSU will likely get him involved in the passing game very much like Bell.

Erik Hansen: Got any New News on the bball recruit front? Seems like in a couple weeks the chaos will come to an end and nobody really knows whats going to happen

mike3fan: I just wish Langford would have gotten as many carries against ND as he did against IU

MikeWScout: This week is an interesting one. Trevon Bluiett is on campus as we speak, I am pretty sure. They have ground to make up, but are in the thick of it suddenly. MSU's name pulled a visit, that's clear. Javon Bess will take his official visit this weekend for Midnight Madness -- his second visit in a couple weeks. That speaks for itself mostly.

Roger Rex: Delton was an excellent receiver out of the backfield in HS especially on the deep wheel route. Could be a real weapon to create big plays

MikeWScout: Williams is very interesting in that sense. He was mostly a receiver, rarely played in the backfield his final couple years of HS. In a sense, he is re-learning the position. Great receiver was his MO at Cathedral Prep. Did a lot of good things at all positions.

mike3fan: I want to say improved blocking from the receivers has help the running game also

MikeWScout: It absolutely has. Andrew Gleichert at TE has been key, too. He sprung Williams on his long run vs. IU. Lippett has been very good blocking lately, too. He helped get Langford into the end zone on the screen pass.

MikeWScout: Any of you going to Midnight Madness? Any guesses on what Izzo's costume/appearance is this year?

Roger Rex: If Monty Madaris can ever get fully healthy people are saying he is the best blocker among the WR's.

mike3fan: Heisenburg

MikeWScout: Madaris is a specimen at WR. Just gotta buckle down and play through injuries.


mike3fan: yep

MikeWScout: Although, I can't see it being wise in a family-centered event to dress up as a man who cooks meth, but I like it.

mike3fan: whats the deal with Kilgore haven't seen him or talk about him?

MikeWScout: He was limited in fall camp with an injury, but he will factor in well to future plans. Got a lot of people talking in summer conditioning.

Roger Rex: Haven't been to Midnight Madness in awhile but Izzo always has something special up his sleeve.

mike3fan: I love the size of Shane Jones he's gonna wreck people when he gets his chance

Roger Rex: Trey Kilgore was recently named Scout Team Player of the week for special teams.

MikeWScout: Saw him in the football building yesterday and you're absolutely right. He also has one of the best beards I have ever seen on a college campus.

mike3fan: he loves his beard, calls it the milf hunter....lmao

MikeWScout: It's hilarious. Talked with him during the fall about it and he was talking about making all the older players jealous and letting them know he meant business. Great kid.

mike3fan: that reminds me, no Moller players on radar this year?

MikeWScout: Not this year, no. Sam Hubbard was on it, but he committed to OSU. Next year, Elijah Taylor is a stud DT that MSU already has offered.

Roger Rex: Not in 2014 but a couple for 2015.

MikeWScout: Five minutes left. Any more questions?

mike3fan: Latest on Stallworth?

Roger Rex: Yes, Harlon Barnett is already on Taylor

MikeWScout: He was on campus last weekend. Saw him here. He will be back soon. If not this weekend, then UM game. As for commitment, nothing new there.

mike3fan: longer it goes worse for MSU?

MikeWScout: I don't think so. I think he winds up at MSU

Roger Rex: Just a matter of time before Stallworth officially commits to MSU.

MikeWScout: I wouldn't be surprised if he already is committed and just hasn't said so publicly.

Roger Rex: Very likely Mike.

mike3fan: thats good, Weber? Cole?

MikeWScout: Weber likes Tennessee, but I think he will have a tough time turning down MSU.

MikeWScout: Cole is a bit more interesting. He goes back and forth with UM and MSU, I think. If MSU is cleaning up 2015 in-state, it becomes more likely he winds up here, though, in my opinion.

mike3fan: chances we do that?

MikeWScout: Better and better as the team keeps winning and improving on offense.

MikeWScout: UM is tight on scholarships in 2015, so that helps a lot.

MikeWScout: Anyway, guys. That's all for today. I gotta run!

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