Harrell Gives Official Visit High Marks

One of the official visitors at Michigan State this past weekend was Florida native T.J. Harrell. Spartan Digest caught up with Harrell about his visit and how the Spartans did overall.

Since earning an offer from Michigan State, Tampa (Fla.) Catholic defender T.J. Harrell has been extremely high on the Spartans having learned about the Big Ten program from his cousin Jeremy Ware.

This past weekend, Harrell took his official visit to MSU and came away with an enjoyable experience.

"The trip wasn't all that back, in fact it was nice," said Harrell. "It was my official visit and I got a chance to watch the game and chill with one of my boys Devyn Salmon. He loves it at Michigan State and he feels he chose the right place and he and I are similar. In fact, he knows how similar we are and knows that MSU would be a good fit for me."

While some official visits find prospects being pressured to give their pledge, Harrell and the Spartans were on the same ground about the visit.

"Coach (Mark) Dantonio knew I wasn't going to come up and commit," he said. "He knows I'm still going to wait it out. However, he now knows Michigan State is definitely in the running."

Not only did Harrell find a familiar face in Salmon, he also got a chance to know a few other Spartans.

"I had a couple of different host during my visit," said Harrell. "Devyn came through for me sometimes during the visit, but I also got to hang with Damion Terry and he's pretty cool. I also spent time with Andre Sims and all those guys."

What all did Harrell experience during his trip?

"I saw campus and went in the locker room after the game getting to see how hyped they got," he explained. "I also was on the field before the game and got to experience that type of weather for the first time. It was definitely a good experience for me."

Was Harrell surprised by the performance of the Spartans against rival Michigan?

"I wasn't surprised at all," said Harrell. "I got there and listened to coach talk with them before the game. All I can say is the defense topped it off and got the tempo hot and then the offense got the ball moving against Michigan."

Coming away from his visit, Harrell left feeling positive about how he would fit in the Spartans defensive scheme.

"I can absolutely see myself in that defense," he said. "The type of defense they run is exactly what I want to run. They do a lot of man and they blitz a lot. They also disguise a lot of their coverages and it's kind of like the defense I'm in right now."

As of now, Harrell has no plans of ending his recruitment and has a planned official visit to Mississippi set for November 21st.

"It will be February before I make my decision," Harrell stressed.

Looking back, Harrell came away high on his trip but had hoped someone else was with him on the trip.

"I would give my visit a grade of an "A"," he said. "I really wanted my cousin to come up with me as he had a couple of people he wanted to introduce me to. But other than that, it was my first official and I didn't know what to expect. But it really expanded my expectations of seeing a really high program."

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