Mack learns more about Michigan State

Talented sophomore wide receiver recaps his time in East Lansing and future visit plans, including some possible return trips to Michigan State.

College football is no stranger to traditions and Fort Wayne Bishop Luers wide receiver Austin Mack was introduced to a Michigan State tradition on his visit Saturday.

As part of the day, recruits took part in the football team's walk to the stadium and the ritual of touching the Spartan statue on the way.

"As soon as I got to the walk, they gave out these rocks and I was like, ‘What are these rocks for?'" Mack said. "After the team went by, we were walking and there was a small pocket of people and we were walking out and we get to the big old statue and there was a whole bunch of people there and even the band and everybody started putting the rock on it and touching the foot and I was like now I know what I'm supposed to be doing.

"Curtis (Blackwell) explained to me that it was part of the tradition at Michigan Stat that they put rocks on the statue and touch the foot so that was really neat."

Mack also learned the Spartans might have more interest in him than he knew previously.

"After the game, we got to talk to the coaches and I talked to coach (Terry) Samuel – the receivers coach," he said. "He was saying that he actually wants me to come up there just to hang out them when there aren't so many prospects so we can actually talk a lot more. He actually loves me and that made my day. It took away all the cold and the rain. That was the best part.

"I'm going back for the Minnesota game, I think, and then again after Thanksgiving going into December after the season, so I'm really excited about going back up there and hopefully I will get to talk to them a lot more."

Mack also got down on the field and saw first hand before the game some players he lies to watch like Michigan's Devin Gardner and Jeremy Gallon, in addition to the MSU wide receivers.

"It was all the precision of the routes and they were getting open," he said. "They're not that big of receivers so I think if I grew into a more of that kind of position, they throw the ball and they do it well. That's something that I'm very interested in."

Al in all, he said the visit was a lot of fun and exceeded what he expected.

"It was awesome," he said. "It was better than I already thought it was. From the visit perspective, other than the cold, I loved it. I loved it how there were still a lot of prospects but they treated you the same. It was really nice."

Mack holds early offers from Indiana and Cincinnati and is planning on visiting Cincinnati with his classmate and quarterback Noah Wezensky in early December.

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