Jackson spills on unique celebration

Spartans' center gained attention for WWE-inspired dance following Connor Cook's 1-yard touchdown vs Michigan on Saturday.

Michigan State drew a lot of attention for its 29-6 battering of Michigan last Saturday, but one particular moment generated a heavy amount of buzz.

After quarterback Connor Cook scored on a 1-yard touchdown run, Spartans' center Travis Jackson took over with a unique celebration (video below).

It appeared Jackson was doing some form of power squats, but he explained the root of the celebration.

"It's a WWE thing, a Daniel Bryan thing," he said. "We as an O-Line just like do goofy things every week so it shows up on our film, but we never expect anyone else to notice because no one really cares."

People certainly noticed Jackson's celebration in the end zone this time around – and he found out about it quickly.

"I heard it right after the game," he said. "My cousin was up for the game from Philadelphia and his friend sent him the video of it or whatever and was like, ‘You're going viral.'"

So has his newfound Internet fame for his celebration changed his status around the team?

"I get a lot of crap for it from the guys and they're all doing it now when they see me," Jackson said.

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