MSU taking the time to celebrate

Dantonio says post game celebrations should be the "highlight of the day," a concept he drew from a conversation with Clemson's Dabo Swinney.

Over the course of the football season, Michigan State has steadily been improving – as have its victory celebrations.

Following the Spartans' 29-6 victory, a video of coach Mark Dantonio dancing to Rich Homie Quan's "Type of Way" surfaced, but that was not the first time the locker room scene was boisterous.

"The whole dance thing really started the first game," Dantonio said. "We just sort of kept it quiet. I think somebody got it out of the bag after the Michigan game.

"That really is from Clemson and Dabo Swinney. I talked to him at a Nike function and he says you know what we do, when we win, it's gonna be a celebration. It's going to a highlight of the day. It's gonna be the celebration and this is what we do. I thought that was a great idea."

Junior center Travis Jackson said this season enjoying victories has been an emphasis, which has led to a cool postgame locker room celebration.

"This is kind of the first year Coach D has really emphasized enjoying the wins and after a tough year last year, you start to lose sight of that – enjoying the game and stuff when you're not playing well," he said. "We've been really enjoying it this year and it just seems to snowball into momentum."

In the latest episode of Spartan All-Access, Jackson was featured doing the same celebration that drew attention after a touchdown against Michigan.

"When they called me in, I had to go to the go-to move," he said. "Now, I feel a little pressure on myself to come up with a new one, but I've got a couple in the bank so we will see what happens. Hopefully I'll have a good one for next weekend."

It also showed coaches Ron Burton and Terry Samuel getting in on the dancing.

Burton said he has drawn some attention since the show went on-air -- including from recruits.

"Well, I've heard it from Colorado to Richmond, Va., about this has gone viral," he said. "It's been on Facebook and things like that. It has been fun, we're taking advantage of it."

While he said he went into the middle to dance because "it was my turn," he also had something to prove with his "making it rain" move."

"I wanted to rise to the challenge and let them know that I do have a little rhythm," Burton said.

As for who the best dancing coach on the team is, Jackson gave the edge to Samuel.

"Coach Sam was really breaking it down in there," he said. "Coach Burton always comes in and gets the guys going. He makes it rain in there.

"I gotta go with Coach Sam right now. He really brought his A-game. He gave 100 percent effort and we appreciate that."

Junior punter Mike Sadler also gave his vote to Samuel, but threw another candidate into the mix as a sleeper.

"I think Coach Samuel had the edge over Coach Burton this week, but I think Coach Bollman definitely is the sleeper," he said.

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