Seniors go out on high note at home

Senior class finishes third undefeated home schedule in four year -- and wins 40 games.

The final home game of his career over, Max Bullough stood took a moment to soak it all in before leaving the Spartan Stadium turf for the final time.

"I looked back right before I walked in the tunnel and just tried to take it in. I tried to stop for a minute," he said. "I think it's hard for me to just stop for a minute and understand not only the players I played with, the coaches I've had, but also all the hard work we've done.

"I think that kind of getting into the routine of things, but just stop and take a minute to think about all those days where didn't want to go. How many times you wouldn't of practice if you didn't have to. All that kind of stuff is what comes to mind when you're walking out."

The winningest Michigan State senior class – and still going – went out with a 14-3 win against Minnesota on Saturday.

The Spartans' final home game didn't end the way they had hoped, losing 23-20 against Northwestern.

Losing wasn't something senior Denicos Allen wanted to relive from last year.

"Looking into the seniors' eyes," he said. "Seeing the hurt — I seen people cry that that I never thought

"I would see cry, but I know it's a lot of emotion…I think that's motivation for this team."

Throughout the week Bullough said coming out flat was a concern with the emotions of senior day.

"I think that's something that happens all over the country," he said. "That was one thing we were worried about."

The defense didn't start out flat or finish the game sluggish in any way as they held the Gophers to three points, 124 rushing yards and it took two quarterbacks to throw for 125 yards.

"Undefeated at home is a heck of an opportunity for our seniors," defensive coordinator Pat Narduzzi said. "I'm really excited for every senior we got on the football team, especially our seniors on defense.

"They played their tails off, again, today. They wanted to play a lot…They didn't get a whole lot per minute I know that."

After the game, Narduzzi said that the 2013 Spartans' defense is one of the best in school history in his mind.

"It's a great group by far the best defense," he said. "… It's got to rival one of the best defenses ever at Michigan State."

As for Bullough, it has been his and his teammates' goal to be one of the best.

"I've been saying all along that I want to be apart of a Michigan State defense that at least mention as one of the best or the best to ever be at Michigan State," Bullough said. "That's our goals — our goals are very high.

"I think it's rightfully so the way we've performed the past few years. That means everything — we want to be the best defense. "

Even though, Bullough wanted to reminisce about his last home game in East Lansing, he couldn't because of one thing.

"We got Ohio State next week," Bullough said with a grin.

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