Bullough: "I want to play their best"

Spartan senior excited to face Ohio State team without any suspensions from Michigan game.

Entering the week, there was the possibility that a pair of Ohio State could face suspensions from the Big Ten for their part in an on-field scuffle at Michigan last Saturday.

On Monday night, the conference issues a public reprimand for the actions of OSU's Marcus Hall – who was ejected from the game along with Dontre Wilson – and that no further action will be taken.

The decision to not suspend any Buckeyes left Michigan State senior Max Bullough excited.

"I hope no one does get suspended," he said. "I want to play their best. I think if we were in that same situation, they'd say the same. I think you always want to play the best."

MSU coach Mark Dantonio said he didn't feel qualified to speak on the conference's decision and added it was of "no consequence to me."

"That's beyond our scope," he said "We're going to play their best. That's what matters to me. We're not backing into any football game.

"We're going to play their best, so let's go."

OSU coach Urban Meyer said Sunday he handled discipline internally with Hall, Wilson and a third unnamed player and didn't expect suspensions from the conference.

Dantonio said he could relate to the situation after going through a similar process with former defensive end Will Gholston in 2011.

"I chose to side with my player because I knew my player," Dantonio said. "That's what I felt was the right thing."

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