Durkin decommits, what's next for MSU?

Spartans lose a quarterback commit so what is the next step for Michigan State? Looking at who is out there and what would be a good first step for MSU.

News came out Monday night from Scout.com's Bill Greene that Michigan State quarterback commit Chris Durkin was flipping his commitment from the Spartans to Virginia Tech.

This certainly came as a surprise as Durkin committed in March to MSU and has been all about the Spartans since then.

A source told me that Durkin saw how well Connor Cook played this season and saw his opportunity to come in and play quickly vanishing -- I expect Damion Terry and the way people praise him plays in, too. Durkin committed expecting Andrew Maxwell to start and then have a shot to compete upon arriving at MSU, but that changed.

Michigan State now has a couple of options: Go after a senior quarterback or choose to use the scholarship spot for another position. They will take the coming days to decide which option to take.

I would expect the former to be the choice. It is a dangerous move to not take a quarterback in every class. MSU learned that last season as the third-string was a true freshman with Tyler O'Connor as Joe Boisture had left with medical issues and the Spartans had just three scholarship QBs.

Fortunately for the Spartans, there is a very solid talent out there from in-state in Detroit Country Day's Tyler Wiegers. Wiegers was committed to Rutgers but changed his mind about a month ago when the Scarlet Knights lost a few commits.

Wiegers has the size to be a solid BIg Ten quarterback and I have been very impressed by him when I've seen him in person at camps. He throws a good ball and is a confident passer that had me saying I think MSU and Michigan will regret not looking harder at him at that time (mid-April).

Hawkeye Insider's Rob Howe said Wiegers told him he would listen if MSU was interested. He also said Wiegers sounded very interested in the Spartans and didn't know about Durkin until he told him.

If not Wiegers, I expect MSU would consider placing a call to Ithaca's Travis Smith, who is committed to Toledo.

Smith is a winner -- literally he didn't lose in his high school career -- and also is an in-state kid that MSU had looked at previously.

The other option would be using the scholarship for a position the Spartans would like to address with the final few spots. MSU would like to add an offensive tackle, a defensive tackle, a safety, a cornerback and a wide receiver -- if not more -- with about four spots remaining.

If MSU elects to go that route, they must be confident in the three quarterbacks they have on the roster currently with Cook, O'Connor and Terry -- and that there won't be any attrition.

The most important part of either choice will be making sure the player is a quality get at a position of need. To reach for an offensive lineman and not take a quarterback at all might not be a wise use.

I say take a QB because it's important to have one in every class and you never know what can happen.

And if that is the decision to me the choice is clear: My first phone call Tuesday goes to Tyler Wiegers.

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