MSU making some position moves

Bowl practices bring experimenting with players at new spots and the Spartans have a few players making moves, as well as others they want to keep a closer eye on in the next couple weeks.

Four years ago during bowl practice, Michigan State quarterback Keith Nichol moved to wide receiver and the change became permanent.

As is a yearly element of bowl practices, the Spartans will be moving around players again this year to see if a position change could benefit the team moving forward.

"We'll move some guys around from our defensive line to the offensive line and create some opportunities there," coach Mark Dantonio said. "Especially the two guys we want to look at are James Bodanis then also Brandon Clemons."

Dantonio also said Riley Bullough will continue getting work at linebacker after a stint at running back from spring into the 2013 season.

"He'll get opportunities there and we'll see if we can get him game ready or not," Dantonio said. "It would nice to see him play a couple snaps in the bowl game just because of the opportunities that lie ahead for him."

That opportunity would be to take over at middle linebacker next season as his brother, Max Bullough, is a senior. Dantonio said he also will get a look at the SAM linebacker spot.

"I told Riley it's about time you got back on the defensive side of the ball," defensive coordinator Pat Narduzzi said. "You've been soft over there on offense for so long now. I'm sick of looking at you over there."

Narduzzi and Dantonio said rising junior Darien Harris will get a look after spending much of fall camp at the MIKE position. Narduzzi also said rising junior Ed Davis is a name that has been tossed around and current freshmen Shane Jones and Jon Reschke will get looks as well as the Spartans move through bowl practice and into spring football.

One position that is more uncertain is the right tackle spot, which will be vacated by a graduating Fou Fonoti.

"Kodi Kieler is a guy that's a good player and as a young player he's shown good signs of doing some things," Dantonio said. "Obviously, (Jack) Conklin can move over and play right. … We have to see how it all fits in there as we move forward. Those decisions probably won't be made until sometime during spring or after spring."

At some skill positions, offensive coordinator Dave Warner said he is excited to see what a few scout team players will do with increased opportunities in the next month.

"Damion Terry is a guy with a lot of reps and as he learns the offense, we're anxious to see what he does," Warner said. "We'll try to give him some work there.

"Gerald Holmes is a guy at running back who I've told Coach Dantonio all season long, he's going to be a player. So we're anxious to look at him.

"DeAnthony Arnett is another guy. I've heard nothing but positive, good reports about him on the scout field stepping up. He looks better. He's putting on weight.

"So I'm anxious to see what the future holds for him also because we all know what we expected of him when he showed up here.

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