Cook enjoys trip back home in Ohio

Ohio native revels in Michigan State's Big Ten Championship Game win against the home-state team Ohio State in days following victory in Indianapolis. He talks about the reaction of his friends and people around his hometown.

With the chance to go home before picking up bowl practice, many Michigan State players took advantage of the opportunity.

For quarterback Connor Cook, that meant heading to his home state of Ohio – the land of the Buckeyes, the team he and Spartans vanquished in the Big Ten Championship Game.

"I got to go home and spend time with my friends – my friends that go to Ohio State – they were very supportive," Cook said. "I went back and worked out at this one workout place that I usually work out at and there's a lot of Ohio State people there and they were really supportive. I thought I was going to go in there and people were going to be talking trash to me or giving me dirty looks, but some people asked for an autograph, a picture and stuff like that. I was grateful for that."

Cook, who threw for a career-high 304 yards against Ohio State on 24 of 40 passing in the 34-24 win, said the week and a half since Indianapolis has been fun, even if he expected some negative feedback due to Ohio only having one major university.

"Usually, in Michigan it's divided," he said. "You have Michigan and Michigan State. In Ohio, it's all Ohio State. I was expecting people to be tweeting at me, ‘Don't come home. We know where you live. Stay in Michigan' and this and that. People were fairly nice and I even checked Twitter and people weren't really saying mean things to me."

As coach Mark Dantonio has said about players from Michigan beating the Wolverines, Cook also said being able to "walk the streets" was a good feeling.

"Being able to go back there and know that us here at Michigan State beat the Buckeyes and they can't say anything about, it's just a great feeling," Cook said. "I couldn't be more proud."

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