Spartans feeling the California love

Players taking in the time in California, including a Hollywood adventure for Tony Lippett.

It has been 26 years since Michigan State played in a Rose Bowl – so long that none of the current players were alive.

"We haven't been here for a while and we wanted to come to the Rose Bowl," wide receiver Tony Lippett said. "We are fortunate enough this year to win the Big Ten, win the Big Ten championship game and come to California."

For Lippett and many Spartans, coming to California meant more than just the Rose Bowl – it was their first trip to Los Angeles.

"It's amazing, just driving around and seeing a lot of things that you see on TV and just actually knowing that you're on that block or on that street or so close to the Hollywood sign and things of that nature," he said. "All of those things have been amazing to me because I'm not used to seeing things like that. Hopefully I'll be out here again sometime."

Jeremy Langford, who also is in Los Angeles for the first time, he has enjoyed celebrity spotting.

"Just taking a lot of pictures and being able to see superstars, like yesterday we seen Stephen A. Smith," he said "It's just amazing, just a great experience. Something I could get used to, a lot different from Michigan. I know it's snowing there and it's sunny here."

While the weather was expected to be much more enjoyable than that of Michigan, some things in the City of Angels were more surprising as Lippett found out in Hollywood on Friday.

The junior ventured to a wax museum and said it was "amazing" but it brought an interesting encounter with Stevie Wonder.

"It was fake, wax on his face and I went up to him and he wasn't moving - he was moving but he wasn't like moving like he was real," he said. "And then I turned around and he kind of grabbed me. I was like, what? He was real. I didn't know he was real. He did not look real at all. ...

"I think it's great just seeing stuff like. That stuff amazes me so much. The wax museum – that was the highlight of the trip."

Well, so far. January 1 might bring a better highlight.

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