Top Ten MSU Football Stories 2013 No.5

The calendar quickly approaches a new year with Michigan State getting ready to battle Stanford in the Rose Bowl. We take this time to look back on the past year at ten of the top stories surrounding the Spartans football program. We'll continue with number five and work our way to the top story of the year.

Bullough Suspension Ends Career Will Miss Rose Bowl

The last big story of the 2013 Michigan State football season looks to be the suspension of senior linebacker and captain Max Bullough for the Rose Bowl that ends his Spartans career.

While no one other than Bullough, his family and the Spartans coaching staff and administration know the reasons behind the suspension, his loss for the Rose Bowl could prove to carry over into one of the biggest Spartan football stories for 2014.

Spartan fans will learn on the first day of 2014 how much the Spartans will miss their two-time captain for next fall when they take the field without him against Stanford.

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